Essential Tips for Your Hearing Aid Maintenance

My hearing aid(s) are not functioning.

The most frequent cause of a hearing aid not working is a wax or dirt buildup.

Check and clean the dome first, making sure there is no dry wax or dirt present.  Then, replace the wax filter that is placed beneath the dome with a fresh one after cleaning the dome with a clean wipe or brush. Be careful not to rip the dome when you gently squeeze and remove it. The battery would then need to be changed for a fresh one.  Make sure your hearing aid is fully charged if it is rechargeable. You can stay at home and complete these steps instead of going to the clinic 90% of the time. Your hearing aid issue will be resolved by following these procedures.  If none of these remedies work, call your hearing specialist and make an appointment for a more thorough examination. Please go for supplies like clean wipes and wax filters please visit Aanvii Hearing clinics.

How Do I Change My Hearing Aid(s)' Wax Filter?

Your hearing aid's make and model will determine how it works. An instruction booklet with a diagram on the filter package with instructions on changing the filter should have been given to you along with a package of replacement wax filters. The good news is that, depending on how much wax you generate, they typically only need to be replaced once every one to three months after some initial practice. 

My phone and my hearing aids are not getting connected.

1. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on first before continuing.

2. By reconnecting after restarting the app or turning your hearing aid on and off if it is enabled. 

3. By turning your phone on and off to see if it will connect if it still won't. 

4. If it doesn't work, go to your phone's Bluetooth settings, uncheck the box for the hearing aid, then try reconnecting. 

My Hearing Aids are not Charging?

1. The hearing aids are not charging if they don't light up or if a solid red light is displayed on them.

2. When the hearing aids' charge indicator lights start to flash at the beginning of the charging process, you can tell the charging base is connected properly and the hearing aids are making a good connection to it.

3. Place the hearing aids in the charger after gently cleaning them of any dust or oil.

4. To remove any dirt on the charging base, wipe the contact with a gentle, dry cloth.

5. We recommend the hearing aids be stored in the charger when they are not worn, ensuring a full charge when you are ready to wear the aids.

What Does My Hearing Aids' Chime Sound Mean?

Your hearing aids omit numerous different chimes.

1. Low battery warning beep can be heard.

2. Signal beep signals a volume change.

3. The minimum or maximum volume control range is indicated by two beeps.

4. You can hear notifications such as incoming text or email messages if your hearing aids are connected to your smartphone.

5. Your phone has a lot of apps that provide notification reminders.

How to Extend The Battery Life?

For rechargeable hearing aids, we recommend that you place the hearing aids in the charging base while not in use to ensure they have a full charge when you are ready to wear them. 

For hearing aids that use disposal hearing aid batteries, we recommend you open the battery compartment before storing the hearing aids.  This does not stop the hearing aid battery from draining, but it turns the hearing aids off and slows down the battery drainage. 

What To Do If My Hearing Aid Is Whistling Or Is Causing Feedback

If you wear a custom-made hearing aid such as an In The Ear (ITE) or a Completely In The Canal (CIC) type hearing aid, there may not be a good seal when the hearing aid is inserted in the ear canal.

If your hearing aid requires a dome, it may not correctly be inserted in the ear.  Remove the hearing aid and reinsert it, ensuring the hearing aid or dome is correctly set in the ear canal.  The volume may be set to high.  Try to decrease the volume. Make sure there are no clothing or head coverings near the ear.

As always, if you have further questions, Please contact our Qualified and Professional hearing aid expert at Aanvii Hearing by booking an appointment now!