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EarWear 3.0

Designed for the comfortable and secure fit of your hearing aids in your ears

Cosmetically appealing

The hearing aid connection tube/cable that sits behind your ear and is now bent and positioned within your ear canal looks better on your ear. You may put on hearing aids that are even smaller thanks to their size reduction of 25%.

Better retention

Additionally, the redesigned design delivers a secure fit in your ear canal without the need for any additional hardware to keep the receiver in place.

High wearing comfort

Even if you have a narrow ear canal, the soft noses of Eartip 3.0 offer a very pleasant and secure fit for your hearing aids.

Improved usability

You can quickly swap out EarTips 3.0 and Sleeves 3.0 to maintain your ideal hearing experience.

Improved miniReceivers 3.0 and Eartips 3.0

1) Enhanced design for much greater earwax defence.

2) Reliable earwax and moisture protection is provided by WaxGuard 3.0 NanoCare.

3) Interface provides maximum safety and simple Eartip 3.0 interchange.

4) The redesigned Eartip 3.0 and Sleeve 3.0 interface fits narrow ear canals particularly well.

5) The titanium shield is allergy-friendly.

Optimized Earmolds 3.0

The new Earmold 3.0 interface is utilised by miniReceiver 3.0 and ThinTube 3.0.

A short version and a lengthy version of Earmold 3.0 are also available.

The long Earmold 3.0 comes with:

WaxGuard 3.0 NanoCare

QuickGuard Wax Guard

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