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Do you suffer from tinnitus and struggle to find peace of mind? Signia, a leading innovator in hearing aid technology, has the solution for you. Our static noise and ocean wave tinnitus therapy signals, as well as our exclusive in-built Notch Therapy, are designed to reduce the impact of tinnitus and offer you lasting relief.

Latest hearing aids: a solution for reducing tinnitus symptoms

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition that affects hearing, characterized by a ringing, buzzing or whistling sound in the ears. There are two types of tinnitus: tonal and non-tonal. Tonal tinnitus refers to a continuous, well-defined frequency sound, while non-tonal tinnitus includes humming, clicking, crackling and rumbling.

Three Strategies for Tinnitus Relief

Signia offers three strategies to alleviate the effects of tinnitus in your life. Our static noise and ocean wave tinnitus therapy signals provide an individually-tuned therapy sound that diverts attention away from the tinnitus and reduces its impact. This allows you to relax and focus on what you want to hear.

World’s first: Tinnitus Notch Therapy

Exclusive to Signia hearing aids, Notch Therapy is a method that has shown to be particularly effective for tonal tinnitus. Unlike static noise and ocean wave therapies, Notch Therapy reduces the annoyance of your tinnitus without introducing any additional sounds. Simply wear your hearing aids as normal and Notch Therapy could reduce the annoyance of your tinnitus in just a few weeks or months. With the potential to permanently eliminate tinnitus, Notch Therapy offers you the chance to live a life without tinnitus.

Unlike other approaches that add therapy sounds, Notch Therapy works invisibly and silently, simply wear your hearing aids and you could notice an improvement in your tinnitus annoyance in no time.  

Notch Therapy provides the hope of completely getting rid of tinnitus*. By gradually reducing the prominence of tinnitus over time, the brain's overstimulation is diminished and it can learn to ignore the tinnitus sounds, making life without tinnitus a viable possibility.

Static Noise Tinnitus Therapy Signals

Signia hearing aids feature a tinnitus noiser function that generates a soft therapy signal to distract you from the tinnitus and help you relax. Our static noise therapy signals are customizable to your specific needs, with a range of preset signals and five different types of signals available to choose from.

Ocean Wave Tinnitus Therapy Signals

Inspired by the soothing sound of the ocean, Signia's ocean wave therapy signals mimic the sound of the sea to provide a stress-relieving listening experience. Choose from four different signals to find the most relaxing and comfortable solution for you.

Without Notch Therapy

Tinnitus stands out above other surrounding noise and is clearly heard.

With Notch Therapy

Notch Therapy reduces the annoyance of your tinnitus so that you can enjoy the sounds of your environment again.

Signia Hearing Aids: The Ideal Solution

Signia offers a wide range of hearing aids with the most advanced technology, including various tinnitus therapies. Available in discreet styles for every type of hearing loss, our hearing aids can be controlled remotely with a mobile app for added convenience and discretion.

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For the best tinnitus therapy options, talk to your Hearing Care Professional. They will help you select the ideal hearing aid and find the perfect tinnitus therapy, as well as offer tips and tricks for optimal use. Get in touch with our Hearing Care Professional today and find the optimum tinnitus strategy for you.

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