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At Aanvii Hearing, we understand the importance of leaving a lasting impact and are dedicated to making this dream a reality. We began our journey in 2014 as an authorized distributor of Signia hearing instruments with a clear mission: to assist our customers in finding the best solutions for their hearing needs.

Founder and entrepreneur, Mr. Vishal Shah, was motivated to start Aanvii Hearing after his father was diagnosed with hearing impairment.

He saw firsthand the difficulties and struggles his father faced in communicating with loved ones and knew there had to be a better solution. This personal experience sparked the idea for Aanvii Hearing – to provide affordable, easy-to-use and accessible hearing aids for everyone.

Since our establishment, we have rapidly grown from one clinic in Bangalore to more than 79 clinics across 17 major cities. Our goal is to continue expanding and

improve the lives of 5 lakh Indians by 2025

through our hearing aids. Our team of expert and trained audiologists are dedicated to helping our customers connect with their loved ones and providing exceptional service.

At Aanvii Hearing, we believe in

"Better Hearing Through Innovation"

We are committed to providing the latest technology to our customers at reasonable prices. 

Let us help you improve your hearing with an Aanvii-developed solution. 

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