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Welcome to the free online hearing test from Aanvii Hearing

Do I have hearing loss? This question is more common than you might think.

With Aanvii, you can take a quick 5-minute frequency hearing test online to find out if you might have hearing loss and what to do as a next step.

This online hearing test checks if your left and your right ear are able to hear high-frequency and low-frequency tones. By letting you listen to different frequency tones, the test examines your level of hearing.

If a possible hearing loss is detected, you can find your nearby clinic for a hearing care professional for further consultation with the help of our quick online Find Clinic.
How the hearing test works

Headphones or Earphones are the best way to take our online hearing test. In this way, any hearing challenges you might have can be assessed.

It’s also important to take the test in a quiet environment without the background noise that could interfere with your hearing of the frequency tones.

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