Why Does My Hearing Aid Continuously Emit Beeping Sounds?

Many people in India and other parts of the world suffer from hearing loss. Regardless of the cause of your hearing loss, Aanvii Hearing is here to help you every step of the way with your hearing loss treatment. If you have hearing loss or already using a hearing aid, you may experience issues with its usage sometimes. Hearing aids are just like other technologies - be it our phones, TVs, or cars - they can malfunction just as easily. In this post, we will explore the potential reasons for your hearing aid beeping and how to overcome them quickly and easily.

Common Causes of Hearing Aid Beeping

Let's start with the most frequent reasons why hearing aids beep. A beeping hearing aid can be a pretty annoying experience, but hopefully, with our guidance, you'll discover the cause of your hearing aid's apparent complaints.

Your Hearing Aid is running with a Low Battery

 Your hearing aid might be running with a low battery - the problem could be that simple! When a standard hearing aid begins to run out of battery, it will beep regularly to alert the user that the battery needs to be recharged or replaced when it starts to run low. Make sure you try replacing the battery in your hearing aid or putting it in for charging, depending on your device, before considering other more serious issues as the cause of the beeping.

Your Hearing Aid Is Turned Up to a Loud Volume

Your hearing aid will frequently produce feedback, which sounds like whistling or beeping if the volume is turned up too high. This feedback is caused by reverberations of sound around your ear canal and can be amplified by too much wax there. If your hearing aid is beeping because of feedback, try turning it down or making an appointment with our audiologist for a consultation.

Your Hearing Aid Needs to Be Reset

Your hearing aid may intermittently beep if the program is set up incorrectly. To silence the beeping, you can ask your audiologist by calling them how to reset your hearing aid to its original programming. If not, you can bring your hearing aid to our Aanvii Hearing Clinics and speak to our audiologist in person.

Your Hearing Aid Has a Stuck Button

 It is typical for a button to become stuck if your hearing aid has specific settings that you can change using buttons. This might be due to dirt becoming caught in the buttonhole or even just normal hearing aid wear and tear. Cleaning your hearing aid frequently will help you remove any material that may have become lodged on it, which could help you resolve this issue or possibly prevent it. Take your hearing aid to our Audiologists if the beeping has already started, and they can help you fix it.

The Wiring in Your Hearing Aid Is Loose, Causing Issues

The wiring in your hearing aid is extensive and complex, just like the wiring in any other piece of technology we use every day. The wearer may find occasional beeping or feedback from a loose part inside the hearing aid to be extremely unpleasant.

Visit our Audiologist as soon as you can if you think the wire in your hearing aids may be loose so that the wiring issue can be fixed. When they examine your hearing aid in person, our Audiologist will tell you all your alternatives. It might be simpler to replace the hearing aid entirely.

Which Type of Hearing Aid Is Prone to Beeping?

  • In the Ear (ITE)
  • Behind the Ear (BTE)
  • In the Canal (ITC)

All hearing aids have the ability to beep when something is incorrect or when the battery is running low. Among all Hearing Aids, BTE hearing aids are more likely to pick up sound due to their bigger size and may beep more frequently than other kinds of hearing aids.

What Should I Do If My Hearing Aid Continues to Beep?

If the advice provided in this article hasn't helped you figure out why your hearing aid is beeping, please call 96 5839 5839 now at Aanvii Hearing Clinic.