Pure Charge&Go AX Hearing Aids: Redefining How You Experience Sound

The primary sense of hearing enables us to interact with the environment. Unfortunately, many individuals face challenges in hearing, especially in environments with background noise or when trying to focus on specific sounds. That's where Signia's Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids come into play, revolutionizing the way you experience sound. In this article, we'll delve into how these cutting-edge hearing aids can transform your auditory world, providing exceptional speech clarity and a plethora of innovative features.

Augmented Focus™ Technology: A Game Changer in Speech Clarity:

Challenging Listening Scenarios: We've all encountered situations where hearing becomes an arduous task. Whether it's a bustling gathering, hushed conversations, or excessive ambient noise, these challenges can make it incredibly challenging to hear what truly matters. Pure Charge&Go AX is here to alleviate these difficulties.

Augmented Focus™ Technology: The cornerstone of Pure Charge&Go AX is the revolutionary Augmented Focus™ technology. Think of it as the operating system of these sophisticated hearing aids, on par with high-end consumer electronics.

The AX platform incorporates Augmented Focus™ technology, which uses two separate processors for the first time. One processor concentrates on sounds in focus, such as the voice of your conversation partner, while the other manages surrounding sounds. These two streams of audio are then skillfully recombined, resulting in exceptional speech clarity while preserving the naturalness of your surroundings.

This groundbreaking processing technology ensures optimal speech comprehension, even enhancing the sound of your own voice through Own Voice Processing (OVP). Moreover, advanced sensor technology identifies your movements and automatically detects your hearing situation, guaranteeing the best possible sound quality throughout your day.

Stylish and Personalized: Aesthetics Meet Functionality:

Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids are available in a diverse range of colors, allowing you to select a style that matches your taste. From classic graphite to elegant rose gold, there's a hue for every preference. Additionally, the Pure Charge&Go AX lineup includes the Pure Charge&Go T AX, featuring an integrated telecoil (T) for direct connectivity to audio loop systems. For individuals with unilateral hearing loss, Pure Charge&Go AX is also offered as a CROS device, providing a tailored solution.

Prescription Audio for Superior Performance:

Pure Charge&Go AX and Pure Charge&Go T AX rise to the challenge of any acoustic environment, enabling you to shine all day, every day. These hearing aids come equipped with an array of cutting-edge features, including seamless Bluetooth streaming for phone calls and music from both Android and iOS devices. They also incorporate advanced tinnitus therapies to enhance the comfort of individuals dealing with tinnitus.

What sets these modern marvels apart is their rechargeability. Pure Charge&Go AX provides up to 24 hours of usage on a single charge, along with 5 hours of streaming. Meanwhile, Pure Charge&Go T AX boasts an impressive 36 hours of use with 5 hours of streaming. Charging is hassle-free, with options ranging from a compact charger to a portable or Dry&Clean charger.

The Pure Charger, while basic, meets essential power needs for your hearing aids. Two LEDs indicate the charging status, with one per hearing aid. This standard desktop charger can be connected to the mains via a power cable.

The advanced Pure Portable Charger ensures convenience and on-the-go charging. Its power bank allows for three full charges of your hearing aids, and a protective lid prevents dust accumulation. Charging status is effortlessly monitored with two LEDs per hearing aid and an additional LED for the integrated power bank.

Finally, the Pure Dry & Clean Charger takes charging technology to the next level by incorporating ultraviolet cleaning and drying capabilities. Place your hearing aids inside, and the cleaning process commences automatically, completing in just 15 minutes. Three LEDs per hearing aid display their charging status, while an additional LED indicates the cleaning progress. With a lid for optimal storage and cleaning, this charger is the ultimate solution for maintaining peak hearing aid conditions.

Personalized Support at Your Fingertips:

Pure Charge&Go AX and Pure Charge&Go T AX hearing aids seamlessly connect to the Signia app, which hosts the Signia Assistant and TeleCare support. The Signia Assistant offers instant assistance for adjusting settings, while Signia TeleCare facilitates communication with your hearing care professional, providing real-time support when needed.

Signia Assistant: Your Hearing Companion:

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), the Signia Assistant tailors your hearing experience to your preferences, ensuring a highly personalized journey. This advanced deep neural network AI continuously evolves, learning your preferences to create optimal solutions aligned with your unique hearing needs.

The Signia Assistant provides:

  • Settings customized to your personal preferences, enhance sound clarity and speech comprehension in every scenario.
  • Answers to queries about operating your hearing aids, enabling easy recall of details discussed during your appointment.
  • Intuitive 24/7 support whenever you require it.
  • Confidence and control over your hearing success.

In essence, the Signia app, powered by the Signia Assistant, acts as your pocket-sized hearing professional, empowering you to shine in every situation with these revolutionary hearing aids.

Signia's Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids are more than just devices; they're a gateway to an enhanced auditory experience. With Augmented Focus™ technology, personalized aesthetics, exceptional performance, and the support of the Signia Assistant, these hearing aids are designed to help you thrive in any soundscape. Say goodbye to hearing challenges and embrace a world of clarity, comfort, and confidence with Pure Charge&Go AX. To embark on your hearing journey and explore these groundbreaking hearing aids, find your nearest Aanvii hearing care professional and schedule an appointment today. For more information visit www.aanviihearing.com or call us on 96 5839 5839.