Elevate Your Performance with Signia Motion X Hearing Aids

In the quest to Be Brilliant, focus and dedication are paramount. In a world where every word matters and every opportunity is precious, settling for anything less than excellence is no longer an option. Signia understands this relentless pursuit of perfection, and we have crafted a solution to help you achieve it – the new Signia Motion X hearing aids. These revolutionary devices are designed to elevate your performance, ensuring that you never miss a moment and hear what truly matters, no matter where life takes you.

The Need for Brilliance:

A Missed Word, a Missed Opportunity: In today's fast-paced world, hearing what matters has never been more critical. A single missed word can lead to a missed opportunity. While the average might have sufficed in the past, Signia empowers you to rise above and embrace brilliance.

Signia Motion X: Redefining Performance:

The new Signia Motion X hearing aids are not just hearing devices; they are your companions on the journey to excellence. These innovative devices incorporate sensor technology that goes beyond sound – they recognize your movements, ensuring that you stay connected to your surroundings as you navigate through your day. Whether you're enjoying an energetic workout with friends, engaging in a dynamic brainstorming session at work, or savoring quality time with loved ones, Motion X keeps you on track, allowing you to hear what truly matters.

Be Brilliant All Day Long:

Being brilliant extends beyond hearing what's important; it's also about achieving your goals with complete independence. The Motion X range is packed with cutting-edge features, including Bluetooth streaming of phone calls and music directly into your ears, adjusted to your unique preferences. These sleek, modern hearing aids are not just technologically advanced; they are rechargeable, providing an astounding 61 hours of use on a single charge. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of unexpected battery changes; simply recharge them while you sleep, and you're ready for an entire day of brilliance. That's why we've aptly named them Charge&Go.

Support at Your Fingertips, 24/7:

With Signia's Motion X hearing aids, you have support at your fingertips, around the clock. Through the Signia app, you can engage with the Signia Assistant, fine-tuning your hearing aids to suit every situation. Whether you're enjoying a peaceful stroll in the park, relishing the serenity of birdsong, or dining in a bustling restaurant while staying fully engaged in conversations, the revolutionary Signia Assistant ensures that your hearing aids adapt to your preferences. It's like having a hearing care professional in your pocket, enabling you to be brilliant wherever and whenever you need it. An overwhelming 87% of hearing aid wearers prefer using them with such an Assistant. 

Choose the Right Brilliance for You:

Recognizing that everyone's hearing needs are unique, the Motion X range offers a variety of models to address different degrees of hearing loss:

Motion Charge & Go X: This small rechargeable behind-the-ear device is user-friendly and comfortable. It combines Signia Xperience technology with Bluetooth and the Signia Assistant, providing a seamless hearing experience.

Motion Charge&Go P X: A powerful rechargeable hearing solution suitable for all situations, it boasts a sleek new design, Bluetooth capabilities, and the Signia Assistant, ensuring peak performance throughout your day.

Motion Charge&Go SP X: A revolutionary device that combines Super Power with super features, making it the world's first rechargeable Super Power hearing aid for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. It also includes Bluetooth and the Signia Assistant, offering all-encompassing brilliance.

All models come with a small charger, though Motion Charge & Go P X and Motion Charge & Go SP X users can upgrade to a special Dry&Clean charger.

The innovative Signia Motion X range of modern, rechargeable devices rises to every challenge, allowing you to Be Brilliant – every day. You can experience the brilliance of Motion X by contacting your nearest Signia hearing professional through our online Store Locator. Elevate your performance, embrace excellence, and never miss a moment with Signia Motion X hearing aids. To book an appointment for a FREE Trial call us at 96 5839 5839