Hearing aids are intricate devices designed to enhance your hearing experience. Like any technology, they may sometimes encounter issues that require repair.

Understanding the basics of hearing aid repairs can help you maintain your device and ensure it functions properly. Here, we address some common questions about hearing aid repair to provide you with the knowledge you need to keep your hearing aids in top condition.

How Frequently Should My Hearing Aid Be Repaired?

There isn't a strict schedule for hearing aid repairs. The necessity for repairs depends on how well the device is functioning. If your hearing aid is working without issues, regular check-ups during your visits with your audiologist should suffice. During these check-ups, your audiologist can inspect the hearing aid to ensure everything is operating smoothly and make any necessary adjustments.

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Which Typical Indications Point to the Need for Repairing My Hearing Aid?

Recognizing when your hearing aid needs repair is crucial for maintaining its performance. Here are some common signs that indicate your device may need professional attention:

a. Unusual Noises: If your hearing aid produces constant feedback, beeping, or other strange sounds, it likely needs repair. While occasional beeping for low battery is normal, frequent noises are not.

b. Volume Issues: Difficulty adjusting the volume or sudden changes in volume levels can signal a problem with your hearing aid.
Common Questions About Hearing Aid Repair | Aanvii Hearing

c. Physical Damage: Any cracks, breaks, or visible damage to the outer casing of your hearing aid warrant a repair.

d. Sound Quality Deterioration: If sounds become muffled or distorted, it may indicate an internal issue that needs addressing.

How Can I Keep My Hearing Aid from Breaking Down?

Proper care and maintenance are essential for prolonging the life of your hearing aid. Here are some tips to prevent damage:

a. Regular Cleaning: Clean your hearing aid frequently to remove earwax and debris. Use a soft, dry cloth, and avoid using water or cleaning agents directly on the device.

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Common Questions About Hearing Aid Repair | Aanvii Hearing

b. Dry Storage: Store your hearing aid in a clean, dry container when not in use. Moisture can damage the electronic components.

c. Battery Maintenance: Change or charge the batteries regularly to ensure your hearing aid functions properly. Depleted batteries can cause performance issues.

d. Avoid Water: Keep your hearing aid away from water. Remove it before showering, swimming, or in any situation where it might get wet.

e. Safe Placement: Store your hearing aid out of reach of pets and children to prevent accidental damage.

How Is A Hearing Aid Repaired?

Repairing a hearing aid typically involves a detailed inspection and testing process. Here’s what usually happens:

a. Inspection: The audiologist will check the device once and if there are minor repairs which can be done at the clinic level, they will do it there if not it will be sent to the lab where they will open the casing and check for any loose or damaged wires. They will also inspect other components to identify the issue.

Common Questions About Hearing Aid Repair | Aanvii Hearing

b.  Testing: The device will be tested to determine the exact problem. This might involve using specialized equipment to analyze the hearing aid’s performance.

c. Repair or Replacement: Depending on the issue, the audiologist will suggest whether to repair the hearing aid or get a replacement. Minor repairs can often be done quickly, but more complex issues may take a few days.

When Should My Hearing Aid Be Replaced?

Replacing your hearing aid should be a last resort. Your audiologist will advise you if the device is beyond repair or if the cost of repair exceeds the price of a new hearing aid. Always consult with your audiologist before deciding to replace your hearing aid.

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