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Insio Charger

Insio Charger

Signia Charging Solutions

Our state-of-the-art rechargeable hearing aids come with a variety of charging solutions, depending on which hearing aids you wear. Some chargers are pocket-sized portable cases, some enable you to charge your hearing aids without needing plugs or cables, and some clean your hearing aids while charging.

Standard Charger

This small and highly reliable desktop charger addresses basic needs when it comes to providing power to the hearing aids. 2 LEDs indicate the charging status (one per hearing aid). The charger can be plugged into the mains via USB to a power adapter.

Insio Charger

This revolutionary charger provides the first contactless charging for custom hearing aids. Simply place your Insio Charge&Go AX hearing aids in the Insio Charger without worrying about any exact charging contact. Recharge your hearing aids for up to 28 hours of use per charge. 

Insio Charger
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