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Prescription audio that performs

Active Pro

Our game-changing Signia Active Pro takes hearing aids to that next level for you:

Prescription audio that enhances human performance and enables wearers to Be Brilliant. Signia Active can be put in and taken out of the ears as easily as any earbud. Modern-looking, easy to use and fast to fit, these handy devices mark a whole new category of hearing solutions – for everyone who doesn’t want to wear hearing aids but wants to enjoy hearing everything that’s important to them.

Key Features

-- Iconic earbud design bridging the gap to high tech consumer products

-- Signia Xperience technology for brilliant sound and speech understanding

-- Remote control

-- TeleCare

Charging case

Signia Active Pro comes in a pocket-sized Qi wireless charging case that lets wearers put the buds in and out of their ears when they need them.

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  • Model: ITE
  • SKU: Kit include 2 units of Active & a charging case
Product Details
Channels 16/8
Performance 42/118 dB
Programmes 6
Volume Control Button Optional
Battery/Rechargeable Yes
Charging Case Yes
Battery Type/Size Lithium-ion power cell
Signia App Ready Yes
Tele Care Yes
Warranty 2 Years
Key Features
Bluetooth/Wireless Yes
Dynamic Soundscape Processing Yes
Ultra HD Yes
Instant Fit Yes
Remote Control Yes
Integrated T-Coil No
Direct Streaming with iPhone & Android Yes
TwinPhone Yes
Tinnitus Management Yes
Push Button Optional
Battery Door On/Off Function No
Audio Input Yes
Optivent No
Smart Connect No
StreamLine TV/StreamLine Mic Yes
miniPocket Yes
easyPocket No
ConnexxAir NO
Noahlink Wireless Yes
Programming Adapter/Cable No

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Signia Active is suitable for individuals with mild to severe hearing loss.

Signia Active is available in two performance levels - Active and Active Pro.

Signia Active is powered by a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It is designed for full flexibility and independence with the pocket-sized Signia Active charger which allows charging on-the-go. The hearing aids are fully protected inside the charging case, which fits easily into a pocket or purse. The charging case itself also has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and will keep the Active devices topped up with charge when they are placed back in the case, so that they are always ready to use. The charger itself can be recharged wirelessly using Qi charging technology or via a USB-C cable.

Signia active provides up to 26 hours of listening, or 23 hours of listening with 2 hours of streaming.

It takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge.

Yes. A 30-minute fast charge provides 5 hours of regular listening or 3 hours of streaming.

It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the Signia Active case via a USB-C cable, or 5 hours via Qi wireless.

A fully charged case can provide up to three full charges for a pair of Signia Active devices.

Signia Active has no onboard controls. It is remotely controllable via the Signia app or via miniPocket accessory.

Yes. With Signia Active, you can use direct audio streaming from iOS (Apple) devices with “made-for-iPhone (MFi) hearing aids” standard. Audio streaming from other mobile devices (Android smartphones, older Apple devices, PCs, laptops, and other Bluetooth mobile devices) is possible via our StreamLine Mic accessory.

Yes. With our StreamLine TV accessory, you can stream from your TV directly to your Signia Active devices.

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