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Kit Pure Charge&Go 3IX / T 3IX

Kit Pure Charge&Go 3IX / T 3IX

Kit Pure C&G 3IX / T 3IX

Kit Pure Charge&Go 3IX / T 3IX Hearing Aids

Pure Charge&Go IX offers unparalleled hearing aid technology in a sleek receiver-in-canal design, ensuring both style and comfort.

Rediscover the joy of effortless group conversations with Pure Charge&Go IX, meticulously crafted to snugly fit into your ear, enabling seamless listening and effortless participation.

Experience the revolutionary Integrated Xperience architecture in a compact RIC device, delivering unparalleled clarity and engagement in every conversation.

Why opt for Pure Charge&Go IX? Embrace the full potential of Signia Integrated Xperience with RealTime Conversation Enhancement Technology, ensuring you stay connected and involved even in the busiest of environments.

Enjoy its comfortable fit, intuitive tactile push button, enhanced connectivity, and more, ensuring natural, effortless conversations with instant comfort and clarity.

Key Features:

  • Effortless conversations with natural clarity
  • Instant comfort and crystal-clear sound
  • Rechargeable with a convenient wireless charging case
  • Future-proof connectivity for seamless integration
  • Personalized control via a dedicated app
  • Optional T-coil for enhanced compatibility.
Kit Pure Charge&Go 3IX / T 3IX
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: RIC

Available Options

Product Details
Channels 32/16
Performance 10/110 dB
Programmes 6
Volume Control Button Optional
Battery/Rechargeable Yes
Charging Case Yes
Battery Type/Size Lithium-ion power cell
Signia App Ready Yes
Tele Care Yes
Warranty 2 Years
Key Features
Bluetooth/Wireless Yes
Dynamic Soundscape Processing Yes
Ultra HD Yes
Instant Fit Yes
Remote Control Yes
Integrated T-Coil No
Direct Streaming with iPhone & Android Yes
TwinPhone Yes
Tinnitus Management Yes
Push Button Optional
Battery Door On/Off Function No
Audio Input Yes
Optivent No
Smart Connect No
StreamLine TV/StreamLine Mic Yes
miniPocket Yes
easyPocket No
ConnexxAir NO
Noahlink Wireless Yes
Programming Adapter/Cable No

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