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Pure 312 X - 1X

Pure 312 X - 1X

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Signia Pure 312 X is a hearing aid that features advanced technology to provide improved sound processing and a comfortable listening experience for people with hearing loss. It is a discreet device that sits comfortably behind the ear, with a slim receiver that fits in the ear canal.

One of the key features of the Pure 312 X is its advanced sound processing technology, which can distinguish between speech and background noise, providing a clearer and more natural listening experience. It also includes feedback cancellation technology to prevent the annoying whistling sounds that can occur with some hearing aids.

The Pure 312 X hearing aid also features wireless connectivity, allowing users to stream audio directly from their smartphones or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

The device is available in different styles and colors to suit individual preferences. It also includes a smartphone app that allows users to control and customize settings, adjust volume, and access other features.

Overall, the Signia Pure 312 X is a highly advanced hearing aid that combines advanced technology, convenient features, and a comfortable design to provide an improved listening experience for people with hearing loss.

Pure 312 X - 1X
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  • Model: RIC
Product Details
Device Type Digital
Channels 16
Programmes 4
Volume Control Button Yes
Battery/Rechargeable 312 Battery
Fitting Range 10-115
Signia App Ready Yes
Tele Care Yes
Warranty 2 Years
Key Features
Dynamic Soundscape Processing Yes
Extended Dynamic Range Yes
Feedback Cancellation Yes
Acclimatization Manager Yes
IP 68 Rating Yes
Auto & Adaptive Directionality Yes
YourSound Technology Yes
Noise Management Basic
Tru ear Yes
Direct Streaming with iPhone Yes
Acoustic Sensor Yes

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