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Run SP

Run SP
Run SP
Run SP
Run SP

Easy to fit in just a few minutes with the convenient Mobile Fitting app, Run from Signia is ideal for on-the-spot fittings. Incredibly comfortable thanks to its ergonomic shape, the convenient and easy-to-use Run delivers an outstanding hearing experience.

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Run hearing instruments provide an outstanding hearing experience all day long. Light and incredibly comfortable, the two powerful behind-the-ear, or BTE, models for wearers with higher amplification needs sit unobtrusively behind the ear. With their ingenious, interchangeable, super-soft Click Sleeves that simply click on the instrument, the in-the-ear, or ITE, models fit beautifully and in seconds. Whatever the situation, you can be sure Run hearing aids will deliver superb sound quality.

Product Details
Device Type Semi Digital
Channels 8
Programmes 6 Preconfigured Sound Profiles
Volume Control Button Yes
Battery/Rechargeable 675 Battery
Fitting Range 20-120
Signia App Ready No
Tele Care No
Warranty 2 Years
Key Features
Feedback Cancellation Yes
Noise Reduction Yes
Fixed Directionality Yes

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