Mr.Ajay D is a Chartered Accountant and also a Coffee Planter. He resides in a very remote location in middle of his coffee estate at Coorg. Lately he is facing problem in responding when people speak softly. He came to me for consultation as he is a huge music lover, basketball, tennis & hockey player. He is also into riffle shooting. Lately, he is not able to take part in any of these because of his hearing problem which is making him too uncomfortable. After a detailed evaluation I suggested him pure Nx. His main concern was he cannot travel all the way from Coorg to Blore everytime he needs any sort of changes with the hearing aid.

I suggested him the Telecare program which is helping him make necessary changes just by sitting in his estate. Let’s see how this Telecare program is helping Ajay.

What is Telecare?

  • It makes the patient closer to the Audiologist like ever before.
  • From patients smartphone to Audiologist smartphone.
  • It helps to monitor your progress during trial.
  • Helps to stay in direct contact with the Audiologist.
  • Helps you to get remote fine tuning.

What are the awesome benefits of Telecare?

  • Helps the Audiologist to get full transparency of the patients progress during the trial.
  • Let’s to track the patients satisfaction.
  • Allows to react more precisely for better trial outcomes.
  • It helps you to get comfort of daily living with new hearing aids.
  • Reduces interupptions in follow up with the clinic.
  • Avoids extra visits.
  • Prevents simple issues from the ruining the comfort.
  • Lowers the barrier to communicate.
  • Lets the Audiologist to troubleshoot any problems in the most efficient way.
  • Saves time and cost of travelling.

What is Telecare 3.0 and its benefits?

  • It is nothing but the advanced version of Telecare 2.0
  • It provides remote hearing care at a new level with Bluetooth.
  • The Bluetooth connection to the phone enables the Audiologist to see hearing aid settings and environmental data in the Telecare portal.
  • Valuable predictors of success are plotted daily for monitoring while real time data is displayed to assist remote tuning.
  • It helps to know the daily wearing time, program use, daily user satisfaction.
  • Helps Audiologist to assist you with program, volume, battery status, environmental classification, environmental noise level.
  • It helps the patient feel happy with new hearing aids quickly from the comfort of their daily lives.

What is the difference between Telecare 2.0 and Telecare 3.0?

  • Telecare 2.0 is only for primax hearing aids, whereas Telecare 3.0 is for Nx hearing aids
  • In Telecare 3.0 we can give different programs, which is not available in Telecare 2.0

How does Telecare help the Audiologist to provide best service?

  1. Helps in real time tracking
  2. Helps in tracking daily satisfaction
  3. Enables to react more precisely
  • Helps to provide the best support
  • Reduces interuptions ensuring better comfort
  • Avoids extra visits
  • Doesn’t let simple issues ruin the comfortability
  • Closer to patients
  • Lowers the barrier to communicate
  • Lets to troubleshoot any problems in most efficient ways
  • Saves time

How does Telecare help the patient to receive best service?

  1. Immediate support
  2. Instant advice and troubleshooting
  3. Fewer follow up visits
  4. Increased satisfaction with hearing aids
  • Helps handling new hearing aids
  • Many issues can be addressed without delay
  • You are more likely to become engaged with the new hearing aids
  • Shorter adjustment time
  • Fast and clear hearing success
  • Wearers learn at their preferred pace
  • Feedback options for a higher individualization
  • Fewer drop outs from wearing a hearing aid

Mr.Ajay was facing problems during the most challenging period of adjusting to new hearing aids that is typically the first few weeks. In order to manage critical moments effectively and to increase his comfort with hearing aids, he used the Telecare. He says “It is a perfect hearing tool for smoother, faster and more successful use of hearing aids”

Do you want to experience the sound of joy just by sitting at your home too?

 List of hearing aids compatible with the Telecare 2.0 are as follows,

  • Pure/motion/cellion 2px
  • Pure/motion/cellion 3px
  • Pure/motion/cellion 5px
  • Pure/motion/cellion 7px

List of hearings aids compatible with Telecare 3.0 are as follows,

  • Pure/motion 3Nx
  • Pure/motion 5Nx
  • Pure/motion 7Nx
  • Pure charge and go 3Nx/5Nx/7nx

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