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Hearing Loss X COVID-19 : A Survival Guide

Things are changing quickly across India. Schools are closed, IPL is postponed, going to the office is banned. Hibernating at homes is the most difficult decision for some of us suffering from Hearing Loss who are already suffering isolation. This handy survival guide is for people suffering from Hearing Loss during the COVID-19 lockdown

All of us are already feeling the anxiety and stress due to rapid change and uncertainty.

Social Isolation has already added more difficulties to the people suffering from Hearing Loss.

So how can people with hearing impairment stay safe, active and productive during these demanding times?

Here is a handy survival guide by Aanvii Hearing to cope up with Hearing Loss X COVID-19

Maintain your Hearing Aids

During the lockdown, you may not have access to a hearing care professional. Hence check out these ways to take care and maintain your hearing aid to avoid traveling to the clinic. This will also help you cope with your Hearing Loss during COVID-19 Outbreak

Clean and maintain your Hearing Aid daily.

Keep the Hearing Aid away from Pets and Children.

Avoid using Hearing Aid in bathroom or kitchen or any place with lots of liquid as it can potentially damage your hearing aid.

Avoid using Hairspray or Hair Gel.

Replace your hearing aid batteries often. Remove the batteries while your Hearing Aid is not in use.

You can check this blog by Signia, for further detailed instructions on how to maintain the Hearing Aid.

Keep Your Ears Clean

Clean the ear with a damp cloth.

Use Earwax Softeners so they don’t potentially hamper the workings of a Hearing Aid.

Use Cotton Swabs to clean the outer Ear, do not insert them in your Ear Canal.

For more ideas on how to keep your ears clean check this article by

Learn to use your Mobile Phone with your Hearing Aid

A handy tip – if you can’t hear what anyone is saying on your mobile phone put it on a loudspeaker, you would hear it much better.

Use Online Resources if your Hearing Care Professional is not Available.

Each hearing aid companies have knowledge base setup on their website. These knowledge bases are there to help the users know their hearing aid better and how to operate them in their best capacity.

For Signia Hearing Aids you can find more information at

Set Up a Routine

The routine you set up may not be as the one you are used to in the lockdown, but set a time to wake up, exercise at home, do productive work and eat meals.

Check out these videos by Youtuber Abhinav Mahajan for Workout from Home for improving Physical Health.

These routines will help you avoid slipping into lethargy.

Also practice Meditation

Reinforce Health and Safety Protocol

Clean your house with a disinfectant twice a week or more if possible. Clean your doors, handles, remotes, even mobile phones.

Wash your hands and encourage everyone in your house to wash their hands either with regular soap or sanitizer, both are effective.

If your house help, laundry boy or watchman is ill, encourage them to stay at home.

Inform kids and elders alike at your home to cover their mouth with an elbow when they sneeze.

Create an Emergency Plan

Make sure that you have all essential supplies at home.

If you use a battery operated hearing aid, make sure you have plenty of batteries in hand.

Keep batteries and hearing aid and mobile chargers on a location which is easy to access.

Organize your Medical and Health Information. Collect all the documents and keep it in a single place which is accessible by anyone in case of emergency.

Make sure basic information, such as the medicines you take and their doses, your insurance documents and emergency phone numbers for your family members and family doctor is easily available.

Contact 1 Person per Day

Beat the isolation blues by staying in touch with at least 1 person a day, if you are living alone.

Create an emergency network consisting of your neighbors or friends or family members, so they know where you are and how you are at all times.

If none of the above are available, connect with your local community who can provide help and updates whenever needed.

Be Active

Its a great opportunity for all of us to do what we thought of doing since a long time.

Pick up that unread book.

Play with your Children and your Grandchildren.

Learn that cook that tasty dish you wanted to learn since a long time.

Learn that new skill you wanted to pick up.


Celebrate Life.

Be Safe.


Signia Hearing Aids

Replicating Nature with OVP – Signia NX

Signia Nx with Own Voice Processing. The most advanced technology Hearing Aid in the world.

Own Voice Processing (OVP)

By replicating the sound of Natural Own Voice Signia NX delivers highest acceptance.

Speech understanding and a natural own voice are essential for a first fit acceptance.

Yet, many hearing aid wearers do not like the sound of their own voices.

A world’s first: O.V.P., Own Voice Processing Technology improves spontaneous acceptance of own voice by 75% among dissatisfied hearing aid users.

Ultra HD E2E

The key to OVP is our upgraded Binaural Link called Ultra HD E2E.

It now also powers beam-forming technology, allowing to precisely detect the acoustic path of the patient’s own voice, as it travels to hearing aids.

The own voice is then processed completely independently of all other sounds, including surrounding voices.

Dual Processing

Dual processing allows a better, superior speech processing in noise.

New algorithms provide unparalleled spatial awareness.

Hearing aid users can now get an uncompromising spatially open experience. with all the benefits of directionality.

For crystal clear sound, our extended dynamic range offers excellent signal quality even in loud and noisy environments.

The feedback canceller maintains optimal signal quality for a comfortable and natural experience.

The entire system is managed by a unique single classification:

Acoustic environment + Motion + Own voice.

This ensures Dual Processing works in perfect harmony to reproduce natural hearing behaviour.

The unique combination of e2e Ultra HD and Bluetooth enables Signia hearing aids to offer the most natural-sounding own voice, with uncompromising audibility with direct streaming.


TeleCare, for Signia Nx, introduces full live remote tuning.

After the first fitting, the follow-up appointments can be held online by video call via the “myHearing” Mobile App.

Much like a virtual home visit, this helps to keep the trial period on track through support in the daily environment of patients.

Available on iOS and Android, the myHearing app serves as the patient’s hearing care professional in the pocket.

With every step of the way Signia Nx with Own Voice Processing for a natural perception of one’s own voice and unmatched acceptance.