Signia Styletto X Hearing Aids

Signia Styletto Review

Signia Styletto X hearing Aids Review

Signia Styletto X hearing aids with this sleek design, Apple Air Pod-like case, and direct iPhone connectivity are a far cry from the traditional big beige bananas we know as hearing aids.

And in this, we will be taking a deep dive into the features and functions of Styletto X hearing aids and hopefully giving you a better understanding of whether these are the right hearing aids for you.

Over the past three months, I’ve had the privilege of daily driving the Styletto X hearing aids and putting them through the paces. I’ve clocked over 120 hours of runtime on them and I’ve had the opportunity to try out every single feature and do a comprehensive test of them.

I want to thank Signia for sending these out to me and supporting me over these past few months, enabling me to try out the hearing aids, put them through the paces, and give you guys a comprehensive review.

Over this time, three features stood out to me the form factor, the charging case, and the sound customizability. In terms of the form factor, this slim design fits well behind the ears. So especially if you have long hair, and can cover up the back of the ear, it blends in well. And the receiver wire is also discreet and then, so most people won’t even notice that you’re having something in your ear.

On top of being thinner than usual, it’s also a bit longer than other hearing aids and, from my grandma’s experience with arthritis, having a bit more length makes it a bit easier to grasp/put behind your ear and that’s it.

The only drawback though with this kind of thin and sleek design is that Signia has included no volume or program buttons. So if volume and program buttons are important for you, picking up something like the streamline mic as a remote control could be a good option. But if you can’t live without onboard controls, you may want to look at other options, such as the Pure Charge& Go from Signia.

Moving on this is by far my favorite hearing aid charging case. It resembles the Apple AirPod Pro case, the small size, secure lid, magnets, and built-in battery. So if you’re someone who values sports ability, whether you’re going on a lot of holidays or business trips, or even if you’re somebody who works on construction sites and needs to put on earmuffs all the time…If you need a hearing aid case which is a thin and light design which can fit in your pocket; this is your only option.

Lastly, if music playback quality is a major priority for you, you will know that hearing aids traditionally don’t sound that good for music. And out of the box, these don’t sound that good.

But one of the things I love about the Signia professional software, which your clinician will have, is that they can help you customize the equalizer on these hearing aids. Another thing that you can ask the audiologist about is adaptive streaming volume, which increases or decreases the volume of your music depending on the environment around you. From my experience, it’s annoying having music fluctuate up and down depending on what’s going on around you. So I would recommend asking them to turn this off by default.

Now let’s talk about streaming compatibility. So the Styletto X hearing aids made for iPhone means that you’re able to stream music and media directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids.

Unfortunately, for anyone else who has an Android phone or maybe a laptop or a TV that they like to connect to, you will have to pick up a Streamline Mic and this is the intermediary device that allows you to stream the music, media, YouTube videos from your Android device or any other Bluetooth device into your hearing aids. In my opinion and from my experience, if you have an Android phone or you’re looking at taking a lot of Zoom calls on your computer this is essential.

Why most hearing aids can’t connect with traditional TVs or laptops or Android phones with traditional Bluetooth?

There a reason is, is that most hearing aids are running on a Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, which is only compatible with iPhones at the moment.

In short, it allows you to control things like your hearing aid volume, programs, the directionality of hearing aids, which is really helpful in restaurant situations, as well as cool things like the Signia assistant and mask mode, which is super important, especially in this time when we’re all wearing masks.

All right, the last thing I wanted to cover was the comfort of the hearing aids. For the first week or so, I didn’t find these very comfortable. I found that the click domes of the Signia really butted against my ear canal wall and was quite uncomfortable. But after maybe the second or third week, after I got used to inserting them and putting them in my ear, it was okay.

I like these hearing aids. They’re nice and discreet. The domes are okay, but once you’ve got them on for a while and you’ve gotten used to the feel, they are pretty comfortable.

So in summary, if you’re looking for a great hearing aid, which works well and looks good and portability is a priority for you.

I would highly recommend checking out these Styletto X hearing aids, whether that’s going to your audiologist for a trial, checking these out, seeing how they feel, seeing how they look, and seeing how they perform in your day to day life. And I really wanted to thank you all for reading this full review of the Styletto X hearing aids from Signia.

Signia Hearing Aids

Replicating Nature with OVP – Signia NX

Signia Nx with Own Voice Processing. The most advanced technology Hearing Aid in the world.

Own Voice Processing (OVP)

By replicating the sound of Natural Own Voice Signia NX delivers highest acceptance.

Speech understanding and a natural own voice are essential for a first fit acceptance.

Yet, many hearing aid wearers do not like the sound of their own voices.

A world’s first: O.V.P., Own Voice Processing Technology improves spontaneous acceptance of own voice by 75% among dissatisfied hearing aid users.

Ultra HD E2E

The key to OVP is our upgraded Binaural Link called Ultra HD E2E.

It now also powers beam-forming technology, allowing to precisely detect the acoustic path of the patient’s own voice, as it travels to hearing aids.

The own voice is then processed completely independently of all other sounds, including surrounding voices.

Dual Processing

Dual processing allows a better, superior speech processing in noise.

New algorithms provide unparalleled spatial awareness.

Hearing aid users can now get an uncompromising spatially open experience. with all the benefits of directionality.

For crystal clear sound, our extended dynamic range offers excellent signal quality even in loud and noisy environments.

The feedback canceller maintains optimal signal quality for a comfortable and natural experience.

The entire system is managed by a unique single classification:

Acoustic environment + Motion + Own voice.

This ensures Dual Processing works in perfect harmony to reproduce natural hearing behaviour.

The unique combination of e2e Ultra HD and Bluetooth enables Signia hearing aids to offer the most natural-sounding own voice, with uncompromising audibility with direct streaming.


TeleCare, for Signia Nx, introduces full live remote tuning.

After the first fitting, the follow-up appointments can be held online by video call via the “myHearing” Mobile App.

Much like a virtual home visit, this helps to keep the trial period on track through support in the daily environment of patients.

Available on iOS and Android, the myHearing app serves as the patient’s hearing care professional in the pocket.

With every step of the way Signia Nx with Own Voice Processing for a natural perception of one’s own voice and unmatched acceptance.