Hearing Loss


Mr.Surender Lahoria is my 50yrs old patient, practicing as a businessman.

He has difficulty understanding speech, especially in a noisy environment. He feels he has to put in extra effort to understand speech which in turn makes him frustrated. He consulted me with his concerns.

After a detailed evaluation and understanding of his lifestyle needs. I suggested to him pure px which has the amazing speech master feature.

Now let’s see how is speech master feature is helping Mr Surender Lahoria in his daily life.

What is speech master?

  • The clearer you understand your conversation partner, the less effort you have to expend listening. Speech master helps you hear your partner clearly.
  • Primax deploys a range of sophisticated technologies in harmony with one another to ensure effortless hearing in a wide variety of speech environments.
  • From the lively family breakfast table to the noisy commute, from the bustle at the office to the sounds enveloping a street café on a windy day, this feature helps you to hear the person speaking to you clearly, this feature is known as speech master.

What are the benefits of speech master?

  • Listening effort is reduced by making speech understanding easier for you.
  • Helps to reduce listening effort in a wide variety of speech environments.

What are the key technologies for the effortless hearing?

  1. Noise reduction – reduces background noise
  2. Directionality – focuses on the direction of the target speaker
  3. Amplification – elevates the target speaker over all other sounds in the environment

In what situations does the speech master feature help in hearing effortlessly?

These are lists of some of the hypothetical daily situations to help you understand the speech master better,

  1. At the breakfast table
  2. The radio is playing and someone is rustling through the pages of the newspaper.
  3. The speech master engages noise reduction to minimize the rustling of the paper and other noises in the background so that the voice from across the table is singled out for clear and effortless understanding.
  1. At railway station/ metro
  2. If you are chatting with your colleague on the way to work.
  3. In the background, the sound of announcements and trains make this a demanding situation.
  4. Speech master activates speech and noise management to reduce the unwanted sounds and helps to focus on speech coming from the front.
  5. The voices of the speakers around the speaker are also reduced for clear and relaxed conversation.
  1. In an office
  2. At the office, phones are ringing and people are talking across the hall.
  3. For a one-on-one conversation, it’s a distracting situation.
  4. Noise reduction is automatically activated, minimizing unwanted sounds such as phones.
  5. When the people around the wearer start speaking, the speech master also attenuates them and focuses on the main voice, making you understand effortlessly.
  • At a café
  • You are with your friends at a café.
  • Traffic in the background is loud and mingles with the noise of the wind and chatter from the next table, making hearing difficult.
  • Here, noise reduction are activated, suppressing the traffic sounds.
  • Speech master also attenuates surrounding sound even further by singling out the main speaker.

Mr. Surender Lahoria is extremely happy as he is now able to take part in his all day to day routines and is able to enjoy the sound of joy without any hassle of having to make extra efforts. “Now I can listen effortlessly in any type of environment I am present in,” he says.

Do you want to experience the sound of joy without any hassle of making extra effort to understand speech in any situation whatsoever? Then check out the list of hearing aids that are compatible with the Speech Master feature;

  • Pure/motion/insio 1px
  • Pure/motion/insio 2px
  • Pure/motion/insio 3px
  • Pure/motion/insio 5px
  • Pure/motion/insio 7px

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