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I had a patient recently in March by the name of Mr. Narayana who is 73 years old working as a physics professor. He is very passionate about his work and has an enormous interest in physics and gives special lectures to students at many well-known institutions. Not to mention is also a big music fan. He consulted me saying he is not at all satisfied with his old hearing aids, has problems listening to students when they ask him doubts during the lecture, and can never enjoy his music. After a detailed consultation and understanding of his lifestyle and also his needs, I recommended him the SIGNIA Nx TECHNOLOGY for a very smooth and effortless hearing.

Now let’s have a look at this Nx technology, shall we?

  • Nx technology is a game-changing platform, it delivers the most natural own voice and the best speech understanding in a noisy environment.
  • The sound of hearing aids sounds very natural.

Let us now take a look at the various astonishing features which this Nx technology has,

  1. OVP – that is own voice processing. The main problem hearing aid user faces is that the own voice sounds loud and unnatural. This feature makes you get the natural hearing experience which gives the best hearing performance in any situation. It identifies the hearing aid user’s voice and ensures the best comfort.
  2. Ultra HD e2e – that is the hearing aids on right and left communicate with each other providing the clearest speech understanding and natural experience in almost all situations.
  3. Spatial configuration –it replicates the natural way we localize sound which helps to provide a very good directionality.
  4. Extended dynamic range – it gives crystal clear sound by delivering excellent signal quality even in loud environments.
  5. 3D classifier – the hearing aid users need to change based on the environment they are in. For example, if they are moving or stationary, listening, or speaking.
  6. Feedback cancellation – helps in reducing the feedback maintaining the optimal signal quality for a comfortable and natural experience.
  7. Direct streaming – this technology helps to directly use hearing aids as a Bluetooth device by helping the hearing aid to pick up the calls and stream songs directly through the iPhone.
  8. My control app – Nx technology is compatible with the advanced remote control app. The hearing aid users can adjust program and volume, battery status.
  9. Streamline mic – if you don’t have an iPhone nothing to worry about, you can still enjoy the direct streaming option through streamline mic which provides you full hands-free audio streaming of phone calls and music anywhere anytime.
  10.  Streamline tv – it helps you to directly stream tv conversation.
  11. Telecare – it helps to provide remote services where the professionals can fine-tune patients’ hearing aids just with hearing aid users sitting at home.

Benefits from Nx technology are as follows,

  • It helps you to hear the world and your own voice as nature intended.
  • Enjoy the most natural hearing experience.
  • Enjoy the direct streaming of your phone calls, music, and tv
  • Access the best service anywhere with the help of a hearing care professional

After using the Nx technology Mr. Narayana is enjoying the lecture sessions able to answer the doubts of his patients, able to enjoy leisure with the joy of music. He is been using the hearing aids for the past 5 months and is completely pleased with the usage. The patient says “I am very contented and enjoy giving lectures and listening to music”.

Are you excited to enjoy the sound of joy with this awesome Nx technology?

The Nx technology comes in the following ranges,

  1. Pure 13 1Nx
  2. Pure 312 1Nx
  3. Motion 13 1Nx
  4. Pure 13 2Nx
  5. Pure 312 2Nx
  6. Motion 13 2Nx
  7. Pure 13 3Nx
  8. Pure 312 3Nx
  9. Motion 13 3Nx
  10.  Pure 13 5Nx
  11.  Pure 312 5Nx
  12.  Motion 13 5Nx
  13.  Pure 13 7Nx
  14.  Pure 312 7Nx
  15.  Motion 13 7Nx
  16.  Pure Charge and Go 3Nx/5Nx/7Nx
  17.  Motion Charge and Go 3Nx/5Nx/7Nx

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