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Signia Hearing Aid feature touch control App-

Dr. Shubham Mittal is a 24 years young aspiring Doctor who has just completed his MBBS and right now working at the hospital as well as preparing for his pg exams.

He has a mild loss which makes it difficult to hear the complaints of his patients at the hospital. His day begins with his patients and night ends with parties. He will be indifferent environmental backgrounds.

Off late, Dr. Shubham is facing problems with changing volume and different programs based on the environment he is being in. At this younger age, he feels awkward every time touches his hearing aids to make necessary changes in the hearing aid manually.

He fails to enjoy the company of other doctors at parties which is also affecting his personal life and also professional.

Then Dr. Mittal consulted the Audiologist at Aanvii Hearing Solutions, she prescribed him a hearing aid which is compatible with the special feature that is Touch Control App.

He is very amused with this app as it’s being very easy to control all the features and volume with just a single tap.  Now let’s see how Signia Touch Control App is helping Shubham.

In today’s world where technology and cosmetic appearance are the main concerns of all the people. If a patient with hearing loss tries to make any changes in the hearing aid in front of others it might turn out to be an awkward situation, yet the patient cannot compromise with the quality of hearing either.

Hence our Signia products solve all these problems, with an application which has also aid the patients to make necessary changes they wish without having to touch the hearing aid or get into an awkward situation.

As we are meeting more patients who need advanced touch control app. Signia has come up with a unique app known as the touch control app. Signia Touch Control App is the most discreet and convenient handling option right at patients’ fingertips.

It offers the most proven functionality for increased usability and is compatible with almost all the Signia products.

Remote support, audio streaming, and remote control are at the tip of the patient’s fingers. Most Signia hearing aids are compatible with useful apps for both Android and iOS smartphones.

The most used and best of them is the touch control app. This app lets you discreetly and conveniently change the hearing programs, volume, bass, and treble via their smartphones without any extra hardware.

What is the need for the Touch Control app?

It is the most discreet and convenient handling options right at your fingertips. The touch control app offers proven functionality for increased usability and compatibility with all Signia products. The spatial configurator function in the touch control app increases usability by allowing wearers to focus on their preferred sound source.

A new additional configurator option via QR code sets all features and program names based on the configured options in Connexx software. This new QR code automatically activates the spatial configurator and battery check options for compatible instruments.

Where is it available? The touch control app is easily available at the Apple app store and also in Google play store. It can be used in almost all of the Signia products.

How to download the app?

Make sure you have an Android or iOS smartphone and an account on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Log into your account on the above-mentioned store and find the Signia Hearing aid feature touch control app. Follow the instructions until the app is installed on the android or iOS smartphone.

How to pair it with the hearing aid?

Touch control app can be paired both manually and through QR code,

QR code is easily generated in Connexx Eight software.

The code on the printable single-page instruction sheets lets you set up the touch control app in just one step.

They just scan the code and program names and features for the touch control app are configured automatically.

How does it look?

It mainly consists of a main screen which consists of,

  • Display of current program
  • Volume up/ down slider
  • Spatial configurator
  • Mute button
  • Further options
  • When we open the further option we find battery status check and sound balance options
  • When we open the spatial configurator we find the spatial configurator direction which can be set and also the spatial configurator span.

What are the features available?

  1. Volume adjustment – which allows to increase or decrease the volume
  2. Program change – which allows changing the program based on the environment patient is in.
  3. Mute option – allows the patient to mute the hearing aid
  4. Sound balance adjustment – helps in balancing sound
  5. Spatial configurator adjustment – the patient can select the direction from which he expects better clarity to cut down the background noise.

Spatial configurator is a feature where the hearing aids automatically focus on the listener, whether to sides or behind, in competing noise situations, like in the car, etc.

In simpler terms based on the direction of the speaker the hearing aid makes necessary changes to focus more on speech and cut down the other noises.

  1. Battery status readout – can check the battery status with the help of beep sounds in terms of 3,2 and 1 beep
  2. Tinnitus volume – can be used to set the volume of the tinnitus program

What is the outcome of the Touch Control app?

Do you know the best part: the Touch Control app can be downloaded on the Google play store and Apple App store completely free of charge.

It provides an added value for the patients and also for the Audiologists. It is delighting wearers and providing the remarkable value which is essential in today’s hearing care market. It’s so simple and for free. It lets you discreetly and conveniently change their hearing programs, volume, bass, and treble via their smartphones – without any extra hardware. It is an easy to read display even gives users with dexterity issues easy access to their hearing instruments.

Which are the Signia products which have this option?

  • Prompt
  • Sirion 2
  • Orion 2
  • Intuis 3
  • Primax series
  • Nx series
  • Styletto series

About the Author: Ananya Ajay is an Audiologist & Speech-Language Pathologist, she works at AANVII HEARING SOLUTIONS.

She is extremely passionate about providing exceptional care, warmth & devising treatment for patients with hearing loss through all walks of life.

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