Impedance Audiometry & Tympanometry

Impedance audiometry refers to a method to determine the status of the tympanic membrane (or the ear drum) and the middle ear via tympanometry. Tympanometry measures the pressure in the middle ear, the acoustic reflex (an involuntary contraction in the middle ear in response to high intensity stimuli or when a person starts to speak), and the tension in the tympanic membrane. At Aanvii Hearing, our Hearing Experts use impedance audiometry as it is the most accurate and most frequently used method for testing the middle ear.

Impedance audiometry is an excellent diagnostic tool for a several ear-related problems including inflammatory diseases of the middle ear (otitis media), presence of infectious fluid in the middle ear, and otosclerosis (a condition that causes hearing loss). It is always better to get tested as early as possible since early diagnosis makes for better treatment outcomes.