Our Services

Pure Tone Audiometry

Pure tone audiometry (PTA) is the key hearing test used by our Hearing Experts to identify hearing threshold levels of an individual, enabling determination of the degree, type and configuration of a hearing loss and thus providing a basis for diagnosis.

Trial & Sales of Hearing Instruments

The Siemens Signia Hearing Instruments comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and Technologies. Our Hearing Experts determine which would be the best hearing aid suited for your individual needs, to ensure each and every person and experience the Sound of Joy.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists helps in evaluating and treating individuals with Speech Disorders, Language Disorders, Cognitive Functional Disorders (such as problems that affect a person’s learning, memory, perception, or problem solving skills) and Swallowing Disorders.

Home Services

We understand that not all patients are able to visit the Clinic due to various reasons. Hence we,at Aanvii Hearing, have started Home Service, where you can get your Ears checked at the timings you are most comfortable with. Once you Book an Appointment our Team of Hearing Experts will make sure that you can avail all the services, testing as well as trials of the latest products at ease right at your doorsteps.

Hearing Instrument Maintenance & Repair

A Hearing Instrument should be treated with utmost care to minimize potential problems in everyday use. An individual has to make sure that the Hearing Aid should be  given for maintenance every 6 months. Incase of problems it should be shown to a Hearing Expert without any further delay

Hearing Instrument Accessories

Whether changing settings remotely, streaming audio directly, or taking advantage of rechargeability, our broad range of stylish, practical, and easy-to-use accessories makes everyday life easier for the hearing aid user.

Impedance Audiometry & Tympanometry

Impedance audiometry is an objective method based on the measurement of the pressure in the middle ear, stapedius reflexes, and tension of the tympanic membrane via Tympanometry. It is one of the most common and most accurate methods for testing the middle ear by Hearing Experts at Aanvii Hearing.

Re-tuning Hearing Instrument

After receiving your hearing aids, our Hearing Expert will set the devices to best fit your hearing needs and teach you how to properly care for them. After a few months, however, you may begin to notice some tell-tale signs that your hearing aids need more adjustment – volume fluctuations, high-pitched sounds, and discomfort. To get the most from your hearing aids, you need to have them adjusted, or re-programmed, on a regular basis.