Hearing Loss


Mrs Kavitha had consulted an audiologist 2 yrs back as she was suffering from hearing loss. This had created hassles in her daily communication and she wanted to hear well. She was recommended to use hearing aids and she purchased them too. Later she had mentioned that she used it for a month and then stopped the usage as she was not happy hearing her own voice which seemed so unnatural. She met me recently and told me that she got demotivated and decided that she will never be able to comfortably use hearing aids. After detailed evaluation and understanding her needs and concerns, I told her that I recommend her to use Signia NX hearing aids which has OVP technology.

Lets have a look at how own voice perception using hearing aids actually helps patients use their hearing aids comfortably with a lot of satisfaction.

Humans hear their own first cry and only then realize gradually about their auditory senses and how it helps them hear and perceive speech. It is their own voice they hear right from the moment they are born.Hence own voice is sensitive to any minor changes and this will have humans feel different.

As hearing care professionals, we focus on providing the hearing aid users the sound quality that replicates the most natural sound. Most of the hearing aid users don’t like to hear their own voice and this negative perception heavily affects the acceptance and often leads to the rejection of the hearing aids. Overall audibility and a natural sounding own voice is essential for the first fit acceptance. During the first fit, acceptance is highly important for them to start positively using the hearing aids.

Resolving the own voice issue has been challenging for hearing care professionals. It has always been a compromise between overall audibility and sound quality.

Siemens hearing aids till few years back had only signal (speech) enhancement and noise reducing technologies. Since very recently they have come with the latest technology known as the own voice processing in exclusively Siemens NX products (OVP). Signia NX, the world’s most advanced hearing aid platform provides the first genuine solution to this own voice issue. It delivers excellent first fit acceptance by combining uncompromised audibility with natural sounding own voice. OVP improves spontaneous acceptance of own voice by 75% of dissatisfied hearing aid users. OVP technology works with bilateral hearing aids usage only.


The highly precise microphone network identifies the user’s own voice reliably due to its unique spatial sound path. The continuous binaural ensures dynamic detection in all situations.

The natural sounding own voice provided by Signia NX is based on ULTRA HD e2e Binaural link.


For the most natural experience, Ultra HD e2e always on ear to ear (e2e) link now also uses binaural beam forming technology to scan precisely for the user’s own voice. This allows hearing care professionals to reprogram the hearing aids for optimal audibility of the entire acoustic environment without having to compromise the audibility to improve sound quality of user’s own voice.

In this way, Signia NX OVP benefits all hearing aid users as it replicates the natural hearing and understanding experience to deliver highest sound quality and delivers hearing aid’s full potential for best hearing performance in any situation, even in very noisy environments. This precision is only possible with the new fully integrated silicone microphone network.

Kavitha had a trial with RIC PURE 312 3NX for both ears and she was elated to feel her voice as most natural as ever. She has been using the same since 4 months now and has been pleased with this upgradation in technologies.

OVP is compactible with the following hearing aids:

  1. Pure 13 3Nx
  2. Pure 312 3Nx
  3. Motion 13 3Nx
  4. Motion 13 P 3Nx
  5. Pure 13 5Nx
  6. Pure 312 5Nx
  7. Motion 13 5Nx
  8. Motion 13 P 5Nx
  9. Pure 13 7Nx
  10. Pure 312 7Nx
  11. Motion 13 7Nx
  12. Motion 13 P 7Nx
  13.  Pure Charge and GO 3Nx/5Nx/7Nx
  14.  Motion Charge and GO 3Nx/5Nx/7Nx
  15. Styletto 3/5/7

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