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Mr. Sen is a retired Bank officer who has been facing difficulties in hearing for the last 4-5 years. He has used hearing aids in the past however he finds it difficult to follow telephone conversations and has clarity problems while watching TV.

He also likes to hear debates, listen to old Hindi songs and speeches on his phone, and often miss words due to reduced clarity. He is an iPhone user.  

Mr sen approached Aanvii Hearing Solutions to get a solution for his problems. We proceeded with his testing. After assessing his listening needs and problems, he was recommended Pure Charge & Go 5Nx hearing aids in both ears which are Made for iPhone hearing aids.

What are ‘Made for iPhone’ hearing aids??

These are hearing aids with Bluetooth compatibility for iPhone. There is a special Bluetooth low energy protocol that is used which reduces the battery drainage of both devices without compromising the quality of streaming.

What is the use of this feature? How does it help to hear better?

This feature can be used for direct streaming of phone calls, music, or videos through iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices. It works on Bluetooth technology using which your hearing aids would work like wireless stereo earphones. The clarity of phone calls or music or anything you stream is crystal clear when streamed through Bluetooth.

Can these Hearing aids be used if I do not have an iPhone?

Yes. For using the streaming feature, you would need to use a streaming accessory called ‘Streamline Mic’ which will pair your android phone to your Made for iPhone(MFI) hearing aids.

How to pair these hearing aids to your iPhone?

Step 1: Switch on the Bluetooth by going to General setting on your iPhone

Step 2: Go to iPhone SETTINGS>>GENERAL>>ACCESSIBILITY>>MFI Hearing devices

Step 3: Ensure that hearing aids are completely charged and switch ON the hearing aids near your iPhone

Step 4: When you press on MFI hearing aids, the iPhone would begin scanning for hearing aids and display it on the screen once detected.

Step 5: Press on the hearing aids displayed. The pairing option will pop-up for both the hearing aids. Press on ‘Pair’ for both the hearing aids and YOU ARE DONE!

Can I control the hearing aids’ volume or settings through my iPhone?

Yes, You could increase or decrease the volume or change programs by going to Settings on iPhone. Settings>> General>> Accessibility>>MFI devices

An easier option would be using an App to control your hearing aids. The name of the app is the MyControl App. You could download the app from the App Store and the app provides easy access to the settings of your hearing aids.

Which iOS devices are compatible with Made for iPhone hearing aids?

iPhone 5 or later

iPad Pro (all models)

iPad Air (all models)

iPad(4th generation ) or later

iPad Mini (all models)

iPod touch(5th generation) or later

What happens if I receive calls once the hearing aids are paired to my iPhone? What do I need to do if someone else wants to talk from my phone?

Once the hearing aids are paired to the iPhone, the default mode would be through the hearing aids’ Bluetooth. In that case, you would hear in both ears and don’t even need to hold the phone on-ear you. You could talk hands-free.

If someone else wants to talk from your phone, press on the ‘AUDIO’ option on your screen after connecting the call. Then select ‘iPhone’ to enable iPhone’s speaker. One can then hold the iPhone on-ear and talk like we normally do. You also have the ‘SPEAKER’ option, which can be used to put the iPhone on speaker mode, which will be a hands-free option.

Can I pair hearing aids to two iOS devices at the same time?

No, if the hearing aids are paired to one of your iOS devices, they need to be disconnected before pairing it to other iOS devices. You cannot stream through two iOS devices at the same time.

Can MFI hearing aids stream audio through TV?

Yes. You would have to use an accessory for TV streaming called ‘Streamline TV’ using which you can stream TV audio directly into your MFI hearing aids.

If I watch something on my iPhone, will it be heard only by me or by others as well?

When you stream audio to Made for iPhone hearing aids, it will be heard only by you. When iPhone’s Bluetooth is switched off, it would not be streamed to your hearing aids anymore. So everyone around would be able to hear what you play.

How are MFI hearing aids different than other Bluetooth headphones/earphones?

When streaming through Bluetooth headphones/earphones, the ambient noise is suppressed and you can hear the audio that is streamed. Attending to other environmental sounds can be difficult.  However, when streaming from MFI hearing aids, you can also hear other sounds in your environment enabling you to be more alert of other sounds in the environment. Headphones are external accessories that are often bulky and heavy on the ears, while made for iPhone hearing aids act as Bluetooth stereo headphones without any extra weight on your ears. Also wearing over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones /earphones can get uncomfortable if used for longer periods of time. Hence it is more convenient to use MFI hearing aids than headphones/ earphones as the audio is not only streamed but also enhanced based on your hearing loss.

If I want to use streaming feature, it is preferable to used rechargeable hearing aids or battery operated hearing aids?

It is preferable to use rechargeable (Charge & Go) hearing aids than battery-operated (Battery 13 and 312) hearing aids as when the streaming feature is active, the zinc-air batteries tend to drain out very soon and would need replacement often. Instead, if you use rechargeable hearing aids, Lithium-ion batteries are more durable. Hence it is advisable to go for Charge & Go hearing aids if you intend to use the streaming feature for a considerable time in a day.

Mr. Sen can hear phone conversations seamlessly now. He can also enjoy listening to debates on his phone & enjoys listening to old Hindi songs through his Made for iPhone hearing aids.

Following is the list of Made for iPhone hearing aids:

Pure Charge & Go 1Nx

Motion Charge & Go 1Nx

Pure Charge & Go 2Nx

Motion Charge & Go 2Nx

Pure 312 3Nx

Pure 13 3Nx

Pure Charge & Go 3Nx

Motion 13 3Nx

Motion 13 P 3Nx

Motion Charge & Go 3Nx

Insio 3Nx ITE/ITC

Pure 312 5Nx

Pure 13 5Nx

Pure Charge & Go 5Nx

Motion 13 5Nx

Motion 13 P 5Nx

Motion Charge & Go 5Nx

Insio 5Nx ITE/ITC

Pure 312 7Nx

Pure 13 7Nx

Pure Charge & Go 7Nx

Motion 13 7Nx

Motion 13 P 7Nx

Motion Charge & Go 7Nx

Insio 7Nx ITE/ITC

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