International Repair Services

International Repair Services

International Repair Services of Signia hearing aids are available at Aanvii hearing aid centers.

Behind the Ear Hearing Aids and Receiver in the Canal Hearing Aids purchased from any Aanvii Hearing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Centers are applicable for Worldwide Services. Please note that Custom Made Hearing Aids are Excluded.

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Global Customer Service Support

This international repair service provides you with a global customer service that gives you extra peace of mind about your Signia hearing aid while traveling abroad.

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International Repair Services for Free*

International repair service is provided free* of charge provided if the Signia product is within warranty. If a Signia product is out of warranty, Signia applies its standard repair charge.

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Services available across 7 Continents

Our Services are available in the continent of Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa.

Europe: ​​Germany​​, France​​, Netherlands, ​​Denmark, ​​Sweden​​, Italy​, Spain, ​​Czech Republic, ​​Norway, ​​Poland​​, Switzerland​, United Kingdom, ​​Russia​​, Austria​​

Asia: ​​China​​, Japan​​, Singapore​​, India, ​​Turkey, ​​South Korea

North America: ​​United States,​​ Canada​​

South America: ​​Brazil​​

Oceania: ​​Australia,​​ New Zealand​

Africa: ​​ South Africa

*Terms and Conditions

  • The International Repair Service is subject to the same terms and conditions as the warranty agreement provided directly by Signia.
  • Product types that can benefit from the International Repair Service are Signia non-custom hearing aids (behind-the-ear and receiver-in-canal), external receiver units, and accessories.
  • International Repair Service is provided free of charge by Signia if the product requested for repair is within the warranty agreement; However, Signia is not responsible for any additional fees charged by the hearing care professional for fitting, handling, or any other kind of local service;
  • If the Signia product is out of warranty, Signia applies its own standard repair charges;
  • Customer’s turnaround time may vary depending on product availability in local conditions.

How to Apply for International Repair Service

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  1. You find out that the Hearing Aid is not working properly
  2. You contact us at our customer care number +919019256256
  3. The Hearing Care professional will contact the Signia Customer Service Team for approval
  4. Signia as the manufacturer has to validate the product warranty and local limitations to render this service
  5. The hearing care professional will inform you within 24 hours about the manufacturer’s decision regarding the eligibility of your request.
  6. If the product is eligible, visit the same hearing care professional to handover your hearing aid.
  7. Please note The hearing care professional may charge a fee for fitting, handling, or any other kind of local service to be able to process your request.
  8. The hearing care professional will inform you as soon as your repaired hearing aid is finished.
  9. Please visit the hearing care professional to collect your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Signia's International Repair Service for a Hearing Aid Free of Cost?

    If your Signia product is still in its original Signia warranty, Signia provides an international repair service. If not, the service may still be provided internationally, but Signia's repair fees apply.

  2. Can I request an International Repair Service if my Hearing Aid is out of Warranty?

    Yes, this service can still be used internationally, but Signia’s repair charges apply. 

  3. How can I find a Signia Authorized Hearing Care Professional Near Me?

    You can contact our customer care on +919019256256 for more details or you can use Signia Store Locator.

  4. How much time will it take for my Signia Device to be repaired in another country?

    International Repair Services take an estimated 5 to 7 working business days for completing the whole process. This is in case no additional tests are required by the Hearing Care professional.

  5. How much time will it take for my International Repair Services request to be approved?

    Approval of International Repair Services Request takes up to 2 working business days.

Additional Resources

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