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Easytek Accessory- Innovation of the millennium

Watching videos and talking on the phone is a routine in our generations, especially when you are involved in working with the same.

One of my clients of age 47 is a business associate who would attend at least 10-15 calls per day. He rather found it comfortable to remove his hearing aids while talking on the phone, but doing this several times a day and the inability to use headphones or earphones frustrated him. This ended up in abrupt usage of his hearing device and he fancied a better solution. 

Similar is another client who is a music enthusiast, she in her retirement loves to listen and watch television during free hours. Since she was accustomed to using headphones while doing the same, it turned out to be a hassle. For not compromising with the lifestyle, both were recommended EasyTek accessory.

The new EasyTek accessory and EasyTek App provides remote control and audio streaming in one device with the experience of the high-quality stereo headset. This accessory permits you to directly stream phone calls, videos, music, or TV show directly to your ears via Bluetooth.

This chargeable device is to be worn around your neck and under the clothing, which makes it effortless and goes unnoticed, which gives you easy to use in the work environment.

All the important settings like picking a call and changing listening programs can be manipulated through a single button. It also lets you control the volume through the device, also all the functions and low battery status is indicated through distinct LED lights. Easytek Accessory- Innovation of the millennium is compatible with the following appliances

  • Bluetooth phones (up to two)
  • Bluetooth audio devices such as Tablet, PC, Stereo, Laptop, TV…
  • The standard line-in devices (audio devices with 3.5 mm jack) FM receiver enables you to use
  • FM systems even if your hearing instruments do not have an audio input
  • Our transmitters (up to two) enable wireless audio streaming for devices that do not support Bluetooth.

Once the Bluetooth device is turned on, EasyTek is turned on, Neckloop is plugged into both sides and EasyTek is worn around the neck, every Bluetooth device has to be paired once with EasyTek. After that, the connection is automatically established when EasyTek is turned on and the Bluetooth device is within operating distance.

Easytek Accessory- Innovation of the millennium app lets’ control your hearing instruments and how they interact with all of your favorite electronic devices, whether it is watching TV, listening to your favorite song, or talking to a friend on your mobile phone right at your fingertips on Android Smartphone, Tablet or iPhone. For using the app you must have an easyTek. Wear it as usual and turn it on and your Smartphone or tablet must be within Bluetooth operating distance (about 10 m or 32 ft).

Hearing aids compatible with EasyTek are:-

  1. Orion 2 RIC
  2. 1 primax
    1.  Motion P/SP/SA 1Px
    1. Pure 1Px
    1. Insio 1Px
    1. Silk 1Px
  3. 2 primax
    1.  Motion P/SP/SA 2Px
    1. Pure 2Px
    1. Insio 2Px
    1. Silk 2Px
  4. 3 primax
    1.  Motion P/SP/SA 3Px
    1. Pure 3Px
    1. Insio 3Px
    1. Silk 3Px
  5. 5 primax
    1.  Motion P/SP/SA 5Px
    1. Pure 5Px
    1. Insio 5Px
    1. Silk 5Px
  6. 7 primax
    1.  Motion P/SP/SA 7Px
    1. Pure 7Px
    1. Insio 7Px
    1. Silk 7Px
  7. Cellion primax

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