Make Your Move

Aanvii Hearing is looking for extraordinary people to join our industry-leading team that keeps defining the future of Hearing Aids Industry.

An inspirational and fun working environment, an innovative-driven, fast-growing company, ambitious projects, and an incredibly diverse and talented team are just a few reasons why you will love it here.

Core Values


Be a Leader

Care for others and make them feel that they belong.

Encourage others to participate to their fullest.

Listen, communicate openly and set clear expectations.


Be a Champion

Prioritize the work that advances the mission and positively impacts the community.

Build with the long term in mind.

Actively participate in the community and culture.


Be an Entreprenuer

Be bold and apply original thinking.

Imagine the ideal outcome.

Be resourceful to make the outcome a reality.


Be Adventurous

Be curious, ask for help and demonstrate the ability to grow.

Own and learn from mistakes.

Bring joy and optimism to work.

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