Communicating with someone who has hearing loss can require a bit more effort and understanding.

By making a few simple adjustments to the way you communicate, you can significantly improve the quality of your interactions and ensure that the person with hearing loss feels included and understood. Here are some practical tips to help you communicate effectively.

Don’t Cover Your Mouth

When speaking to someone with hearing loss, avoid covering your mouth. Keeping your lips visible is crucial as it allows the person to see your lip movements, which can help them understand what you're saying. Lip reading is a common strategy used by people with hearing loss to supplement their hearing. Additionally, try to avoid talking while chewing food or wearing a mask, as these can muffle your voice and make it harder for the person to follow the conversation.

Communicating with People with Hearing Loss | Aanvii Hearing

Understand the Person and Their Preferences

Everyone's hearing loss is unique, so it’s important to understand the specific needs and preferences of the person you’re communicating with. Some individuals may hear better in one ear than the other, while others might have difficulty with certain frequencies or volumes. Take the time to ask the person about their preferences. Do they have a better ear? Is there a particular way of speaking that helps them understand better? Adjusting your communication style to fit their needs can make a significant difference.

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Speak Slowly and Clearly

Speaking clearly and at a moderate pace can help the person with hearing loss process what you're saying. Rapid speech can be difficult to follow, especially if words are slurred together. Maintain a consistent volume and avoid sudden changes in pitch or loudness. Articulate your words carefully, and consider pausing between sentences to give the person time to catch up. This approach minimizes misunderstandings and makes the conversation more comfortable for both parties.

Communicating with People with Hearing Loss | Aanvii Hearing

Face the Person Directly If They Wear Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are designed to amplify sound but can also pick up background noise. To help the person with hearing aids hear you more clearly, face them directly when speaking. This ensures that your voice is directed towards their hearing aids, reducing the impact of surrounding noises. Additionally, maintaining eye contact and being on the same level as the person can further enhance communication. The visual cues from your facial expressions and lip movements can provide valuable context for the person with hearing loss.

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Be Patient and Considerate

Effective communication with someone who has hearing loss requires patience and understanding. Be prepared to repeat yourself if necessary, and do so without showing frustration. If the person does not understand something, try rephrasing rather than repeating the same words. Use gestures or write things down if needed. Showing that you are willing to make an effort goes a long way in creating a positive and supportive communication environment.

Communicating with People with Hearing Loss | Aanvii Hearing

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