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Signia Hearing Aid Feature – HD Music

Mrs. Joshi, 60 years old retired lady is a huge fan of Indian Classical Music and listens to music every day. She has also learnt music and plays harmonium. Her day begins with listening to old songs on the Radio and her day doesn’t end until she hears some soothing Indian Classical music through her CD player. Off late, she has started noticing that she finds it difficult to understand words in songs and music doesn’t sound as good as before. She has been increasing the volume of the radio and music player; however she still feels she misses on some part of it. She also fails to enjoy interactions with her family and friends, but she is saddened by the fact that music doesn’t sound the same.

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On consulting an Audiologist at Aanvii Hearing Solutions, she was found to have Moderate Hearing Loss in both the ears. Audiologist took her listening needs into consideration before prescribing hearing aids. She was advised using Hearing aids in both the ears to improve speech intelligibility in day to day routines. She presented with a concern that music should sound well to her through her hearing aids.

Audiologist then suggested her RIC Signia Styletto 7 Hearing aids with HD Music feature which helps in listening to music in HD (High Definition). The ears which are tuned to music need hearing aids with better technology to mimic natural hearing experience for clients. Earlier, hearing aids were solely fitted to improve speech understanding. However, with the advent of technology, modern hearing aids provide special features to match user’s needs in order to improve overall satisfaction while using the hearing aids. HD music is a special feature in Signia Styletto 7 hearing aids which helps in Best Music quality through hearing aids. The musical instruments also sound natural and fuller in music program so that the user can enjoy music.

Difference between Speech and Music perception.

Speech perception and music perception is different as music is spread at more extended pitches (frequencies) as compared to speech. Most hearing aids can process input signals from 100Hz to 8200 Hz. Hearing aids that have HD music program have extended input dynamic range up to 12KHz which is much higher than basic hearing aids.

Graph of Speech and Music Perception

HD Music program will provide with following.

  • 3 musical settings- live, recorded music and concerts.
  • Extended dynamic input range up to 12KHz.
  • High definition music effects.
  • Fuller and richer sounding music experience.
  • Direct audio streaming of music from apple devices (the music played in I Phone will be played wireless in hearing aids through Bluetooth) or through android devices with the help of streamer.

Let us have a look at how HD music feature programs can help Mrs Joshi.

Old Gramaphone

Recorded Music Preset.

When Mrs Joshi listens to music from her music player or Radio, this feature helps her enjoy the recorded music. She can now sit back and relax while listening to her favorite melodies.

Image of a Women Singing

Live Music Preset.

This feature helps when she attends some music program Live.  She listens to her favorite singers and harmonium players live and enjoy the music program.

Image of a Guitar Player

Musician Preset.

This feature helps when she sings or plays harmonium herself. She loves to present her art in front of her relatives and friends and is often asked to sing and play during their meet-ups. She can now enjoy singing and playing instrument with this program. Singers or performers can use this setting when performing in a concert.

Image of a Styletto Hearing Aid Fitted on a Woman

On fitting Signia Styletto 7 hearing aids with HD music feature on Mrs. Joshi, not only she has begun enjoying conversations and watching TV, but she is very satisfied with the performance that hearing aids give for music. She cannot imagine her life without music. She did not let her hearing loss come in the way of her passion for music. Even you can benefit with the hearing aids compatible for better music listening experience.

Signia Hearing Aids with HD Music Feature

  • Signia NX Technology
    • 7 NX (With 3 Presets – Recorded Music, Live Music and Musician Preset)
      • RIC Styletto 7
      • BTE Motion Charge & Go 7 NX
      • RIC Pure Charge & Go 7 NX
      • RIC Pure 13 7 NX
      • RIC Pure 312 7 NX
      • BTE Motion 13 7 NX
      • BTE Motion 13 P 7 NX
      • CIC / IIC Insio 7 NX
      • ITE / ITC Insio 7 NX
    • 5 NX (With 1 Preset – Recorded Music)
      • RIC Styletto 5
      • BTE Motion Charge & Go 5 NX
      • RIC Pure Charge & Go 5 NX
      • RIC Pure 13 5 NX
      • RIC Pure 312 5 NX
      • BTE Motion 13 5 NX
      • BTE Motion 13 P 5 NX
      • CIC / IIC Insio 5 NX
      • ITE / ITC Insio 5 NX
  • Signia Primax Technology
    • 7 PX (With 3 Presets – Recorded Music, Live Music and Musician Preset)
      • BTE Motion SP 7 PX
      • ITE / ITC Insio 7 PX
      • CIC / IIC Insio 7 PX
    • 5 PX (With 1 Preset – Recorded Music)
      • BTE Motion SP 5 PX
      • ITE / ITC Insio 5 PX
      • CIC / IIC Insio 5 PX
    • 3 PX (With 1 Preset – Recorded Music)
      • RIC Pure 3 PX
      • BTE Motion SP 3 PX
      • ITE / ITC Insio 3 PX
      • CIC / IIC Insio 3 PX

Contact your nearest Aanvii Hearing Clinic to get a demo of HD music enabled Hearing aids.

Don’t let hearing loss come in the way of your Love for Music.

Mrs. Madhura Vaidya Gokhale, Sr. Audiologist and Speech Pathologist at Aanvii Hearing Solutions, Pune

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Madhura Vaidya Gokhale is an Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist who holds a Masters degree in the field of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology(M.A.S.L.P). She works at Aanvii Hearing Inc, Pune and is passionate about helping people hear better and speak better.

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