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Inductive Charging for Signia Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Mrs Doshi is my 80 years old client who has been using hearing aids for almost the last 12 years. She lately has been experiencing tremors and decreased vision. She drops small things often. She had been using battery-operated hearing aids all this while. But lately, she has started facing difficulties in handling them.  She approached me for getting her new hearing aids. She reported that often her batteries would slip off from her hands and fall on the ground. She finds it difficult to find them at times. She also has tremors which make it difficult for her to remove and put batteries into the hearing aids. She is an independent woman and although she has access to domestic help, she prefers to do things herself. After a detailed examination and understanding her listening needs, she was recommended Motion Charge & Go Rechargeable Hearing aids to solve her concerns.  

The rechargeable hearing aids in Signia range belong to Nx platform. These hearing aids are compact aids with an inbuilt Lithium-Ion battery, similar to our smartphones. There are no small parts which need to be manipulated while using them. There is ease of handling and charging them.

Signia Cellion Hearing Aid Charger

They have to be charged using Inductive wireless charger. As the name suggests, it is wireless. One has to just keep hearing aids in the charging slots for charging. There is no cable or wire that needs to be put into hearing aids. The inductive charger needs current supply from mains- quite similar to a mobile charger. For people who travel to different countries, there are 3 different power plugs which can be used. Adapters can easily fit onto those plugs as and when required.

Following are the steps for using Inductive Charger

  1. Assemble it: Connect the power plug to the USB provided and plug it into the charger.
  2. Once the top of the charger indicates a single Green LED, it means that the charger is correctly connected and ready for use
  3. Put the rechargeable hearing aids in the charging slots such that their colour indicators are visible from top (red and blue).
  4. Once you put the hearing aids in the charging slots, the green LED will start flashing and then stabilize to display the charging status of hearing aids.
  5. Then Orange LEDs will be displayed indicating the battery status of hearing aids ( Single Orange LED- 0-33 %, Two orange LEDs- 34-66%, Three Orange LEDs- 67-99%)
  6. When three Green LEDs are displayed, it means that the hearing aids are completely charged and are ready to be used.

It takes about 3-4 hours to completely charge the hearing aids.

Cellion Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Mrs Doshi initially got a little concerned about using them. Let us have a look at her concerns.

  • What if I leave the hearing aids in the charger and forget to switch the charger off? Will it damage the hearing aids?

No, it won’t. Even if the hearing aids are left in the charger in spite of charging them completely, they would cut off automatically. There is no heating problem too as the charger is inductive.

So you can sleep peacefully after putting hearing aids for charging and they would be ready to use once you get up at morning

  • Can I use regular zinc-air batteries in these hearing aids interchangeably? What to do when there is a power cut-off issue? How will I change it?

No, the rechargeable hearing aids cannot be powered through regular batteries. If you have an inverter, you could charge the hearing aids using it. If you do not have an inverter, buy a power bank and keep it charged. If at all you have no access to the power supply, use the power bank to charge the hearing aids by connecting the USB directly into it. It can also be charged using other electronic gadgets like a laptop ( using the USB port)

  • Can the inbuilt battery be replaced if need be? How will I know if there is a need for replacing the battery?

Yes, it can be replaced. It has to be sent to the lab for doing so. If completely charged hearing aids do not last you for a full day of use, please contact your service provider.

  • What will happen if I forget to charge my hearing aids someday and I need to use hearing aids?

They would get switched- off when the battery is exhausted. There is an option of fast charging for 30 minutes with which you can use the hearing aids for up to 7 hours.

  • Are there specific slots for left and right hearing aids or they can be kept in any slot?

There are no specific slots for left and right. You don’t have to worry about it. Keep it in any slot and charge it.

  • Do I need to charge them daily?

It is recommended that you charge the hearing aids in your inductive charger daily.

After resolving all her concerns and giving her practice with the placement of hearing aids in charging slots, she was happy to take them home.

She has been using the hearing aids for the last 6 months and has been pleased with this hassle-free hearing aids. She doesn’t have to worry about stocking up the batteries and carrying extra batteries with her wherever she goes. She just has to charge the devices completely and she is ready to go. What she likes about them the most is that whenever she goes to listen to Satsang, the rechargeable hearing aids do not ditch her like the battery-operated hearing aids which would start beeping indicating low battery anytime. Changing the battery used to be so much of a hassle especially when she is in middle of something. She is happy and enjoys her Motion Charge & Go 3Nx hearing aids thoroughly.

Are you ready to experience these hassle-free and awesome hearing aids with wireless charging?

The inductive charger is compatible with following hearing aids:

  1. RIC Pure Charge&Go 7Nx
  2. BTE Motion Charge&Go 7Nx
  3. RIC Pure Charge&Go 5Nx
  4. BTE Motion Charge&Go 5Nx
  5. RIC Pure Charge&Go 3Nx
  6. BTE Motion Charge&Go 3Nx
  7. RIC Pure Charge&Go 2Nx
  8. BTE Motion Charge&Go 2Nx
  9. RIC Pure Charge&Go 1Nx
  10. BTE Motion Charge&Go 1Nx
  11. RIC Cellion 2Px
  12. RIC Cellion 3Px
  13. RIC Cellion 5Px
  14. RIC Cellion 7Px

The name has been changed for maintaining confidentiality.

Mrs. Madhura Vaidya Gokhale, Sr. Audiologist and Speech Pathologist at Aanvii Hearing Solutions, Pune

Mrs Madhura Gokhale.

I am a Senior Audiologist working at Aanvii Hearing, Pune. I have graduated with a Master’s Degree in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology( MASLP), from the AYJNISHD, Mumbai. I have 5+ years of experience in the field of Audiology.

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Hearing Aid

5 reasons to update your hearing aids

As powerful and sophisticated as hearing aids are these days, they do have a wear life. If you currently wear hearing aids, even if you take the utmost care of them, the continuous daily exposure to moisture, body heat, and earwax can gradually damage hearing aids over time. Below are five reasons why consulting with an audiologist can help you determine if your hearing aids need servicing or if they should be replaced.

1. Your hearing profile has changed.

When was the last time you had a thorough hearing assessment? Hearing sensitivity can change over time. It is important to have your hearing levels checked regularly. If you currently have hearing aids, having regular hearing tests at least once every one to two years is especially important. Hearing aids have no idea if your hearing levels have changed – they will just do what they were previously set to do! If you find you are asking people to repeat themselves more often, or if voices sound mumbled and unclear, and your hearing aids are mechanically functioning properly, then it is time for another hearing assessment!

Hearing aids are fit to specific prescription criteria. Hearing changes can be gradual and unnoticeable. It might be that your hearing aids simply require a stronger speaker or a different type of earpiece to maximize your hearing. Sometimes hearing changes, and the age of your current hearing aids, are enough to consider new hearing aids to better fit the needs of your auditory system and lifestyle.

2. Firmware updates.

Did you know that most hearing aids can be updated internally to fix small bugs in the circuitry and improve performance? Similar to computers, hearing aid firmware can be updated in your hearing care professional’s office. In the past, hearing aids had to be returned to the manufacturer to perform such updates. These updates generally fix minor issues such as feedback control and wireless connectivity problems. If your hearing aids have not been checked within the past two years or more, it might be a good idea to visit your hearing clinic and check to see if any updates are available.

3. Your lifestyle has changed.

Have you moved into a new residence? Have you joined a class or group? Are you around different voices or in new environments? Did you get season’s tickets to IPL for the first time? When your surroundings change, your acoustic environments change. When the people around you are new to you, their voices can be challenging to hear and understand. What you needed from your hearing aids in the past might not match what you need from your hearing aids now. It is important to know the capabilities – and limitations – of your hearing aids and to learn if they can be modified to better suit your listening needs and lifestyle now.

4. Your hearing aids are more than five years old.

Did you know most hearing aid manufacturers generally cannot, or will not, repair hearing aids that are over five to seven years old? The technology in hearing aids changes quickly. Over time, parts used to repair older hearing aids become obsolete and are no longer made. Generally, most hearing aid manufacturers will not repair hearing aids that are more than seven years old, and they may not warranty repair work on aids over five years old, depending on the parts and labor required.

5. You want improved technology.

Do you like to keep up with the latest advancements in technology? Hearing aid technology has seen some remarkable changes over the past two decades – from the first digital hearing aid in 1996 to hearing aids today that wirelessly exchange information with each other, cell phones, wireless accessories, and the internet. The technology changes quickly! Rechargeable hearing aid battery options are now available from every major hearing aid manufacturer. Speech enhancement and noise reduction features continue to improve. Processing power and speed are rising. Battery life has generally held steady despite all the new advancements demanding more power to work. Designs and styles are sleeker and slimmer. Premium quality materials – like white gold plated battery doors for rechargeable systems and titanium custom earpieces – are increasingly being integrated into hearing aid design to improve performance and wearer comfort. Spring and fall are generally the best times to check out what is new!

Hearing Aid

Signia Styletto By Ms. Arya Kesavan, Aanvii Hearing Solutions, Bangalore

Nine out of 10 people with mild to moderate hearing loss choose not to wear hearing aids.

Often this is because the look and feel does not match their image of themselves.

Not for much longer: A true game-changer from Signia is on its way!

One that combines all the audiological advantages of the acclaimed Signia Nx platform with a stylishly designed new form factor.

Styletto from Signia is more than just a hearing aid – it’s high-tech hearwear.

Wherever you’re going, Styletto goes with you.

Try it out for Free at all Hearing Aid Clinics by Aanvii Hearing Solutions

Book a Free Trial Today – https://aanviihearing.com/make-an-appointment/

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Signia Hearing Aid Feature – Touch Control App for Android and iOS

Dr Shubham Mittal, is a 24 years young aspiring Doctor who has just completed his MBBS and right now working at hospital as well as preparing for his pg exams. He has a mild loss which makes it difficult to hear the complaints of his patients at the hospital. His day begins with his patients and night ends with parties. He will be in different environmental backgrounds. Off late, he is facing problem with changing volume and different programs based on the environment he is being in. At this younger age he feels awkward to every time touch his hearing aids to make necessary changes in the hearing aid manually. He fails to enjoy the company of other doctors at parties which is also affecting his personal life and also professional.

Then he consulted the Audiologist at Aanvii Hearing Solutions, she prescribed him a hearing aid which is compatible with the special feature that is Touch Control App. He is very amused with this app as it’s being very easy to control all the features and volume with just a single tap.

Now let’s see how the Touch Control App is helping Shubham.

Signia Touch Control App

In today’s world where technology and cosmetic appearance are the main concerns of all the people. If a patient with hearing loss tries to make any changes in the hearing aid in front of others it might turn out to be an awkward situation, yet the patient cannot compromise with the quality of hearing either. Hence our Signia products solves all these problems, with an application which has also aid the patients to make necessary changes they wish without having to touch the hearing aid or get into any awkward situation.

As we are meeting more patients who needs advanced touch control app. Signia has come up with an unique app known as touch control app. Touch Control App is the most discreet and convenient handling options right at patients fingertips. It offers the most proven functionality for increased usability and is compatible with almost all the Signia products.

Remote support, audio streaming and remote control are at the tip of patient’s fingers. Most Signia hearing aids are compatible with useful apps for both Android and iOS smartphones. The most used and best of them is the touch control app. This app let your discreetly and conveniently change the hearing programs, volume, bass and treble via their smartphones without any extra hardware.

What is need for Touch Control app?

It is the most discreet and convenient handling options right at your fingertips. The touch control app offers proven functionality for increased usability and compatibility with all Signia products. The spatial configurator function in the touch control app increases usability by allowing wearers to focus on their preferred sound source.

A new additional configurator option via QR code sets all features and program names based on the configured options in Connexx softwarre. This new QR code automatically activates the spatial configurator and battery check options for compatible instruments.

Where is it available?

Touch control app is easily available at Apple app store and also in Google play store. It can be used in almost all of the Signia products.

Google Play and Apple App Store

Our Audiologists at Aanvii Hearing Solution can help you to setup the app and pair it with the Hearing Aid for Ease of Use.

How to download the app?

Make sure you have an Android or iOS smartphone and an account on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Log into your account on the above mentioned store and find the Touch Control App. Follow the instructions until the app is installed on the android or iOS smartphone.

How to pair it with the hearing aid?

Touch control app can be paired both manually and through QR code, QR code is easily generated in Connexx Eight software. The code on the printable single page instruction sheets lets you set up the touch control app in just one step. They just scan the code and program names and features for the touch control app are configured automatically.

Signia Touch Control App Setup

How does it look?

It mainly consists of a main screen which consists of,

  • Display of current program
  • Volume up/ down slider
  • Spatial configurator
  • Mute button
  • Further options
  • When we open the further option we find battery status check and sound balance options
  • When we open the spatial configurator we find the spatial configurator direction which can be set and also the spatial configurator span.

What are the features available?

  1. Volume adjustment – which allows to increase or decrease the volume
  2. Program change – which allows to change the program based on the environment patient is in
  3. Mute option – allows the patient to mute the hearing aid
  4. Sound balance adjustment – helps in balancing sound
  5. Spatial configurator adjustment – patient can select the direction from which he expects better clarity to cut down the background noise
  6. Battery status read out – can check the battery status with the help of beep sounds in terms of 3,2 and 1 beep
  7. Tinnitus volume – can be used to set the volume of the tinnitus program

What is the outcome of Touch Control app?

Do you know the best part: the Touch Control app can be downloaded on the Google play store and Apple App store completely free of charge. It provides an added value for the patients and also for the Audiologists. It is delighting wearers and providing remarkable value which is essential in today’s hearing care market. It’s so simple and for free. It lets you to discreetly and conveniently change their hearing programs, volume, bass and treble via their smartphones – without any extra hardware. It is an easy to read display even gives users with dexterity issues easy access to their hearing instruments.

Which are the Signia products which has this option?

  • Styletto Series
    • Slim RIC Styletto 7
    • Slim RIC Styletto 5
    • Slim RIC Styletto 3
  • NX Series
    • BTE Motion Charge & Go 7NX
    • BTE Motion Charge & Go 5NX
    • BTE Motion Charge & Go 3NX
    • RIC Pure Charge & Go 7NX
    • RIC Pure Charge & Go 5NX
    • RIC Pure Charge & Go 3NX
    • RIC Pure 13 7NX
    • RIC Pure 312 7NX
    • BTE Motion 13 7NX
    • BTE Motion 13 P 7NX
    • CIC/IIC Insio 7NX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 7NX
    • RIC Pure 13 5NX
    • RIC Pure 312 5NX
    • BTE Motion 13 5NX
    • BTE Motion 13 P 5NX
    • CIC/ITC Insio 5NX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 5NX
    • RIC Pure 13 3NX
    • RIC Pure 312 3NX
    • BTE Motion 13 3NX
    • BTE Motion 13 P 3NX
    • CIC/IIC Insio 3NX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 3NX
  • Primax Series
    • BTE Motin SP 7PX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 7PX
    • CIC/IIC Insio 7PX
    • BTE Motion SP 5PX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 5PX
    • CIC/IIC Insio 5PX
    • RIC Pure 3PX
    • BTE Motion SP 3PX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 3PX
    • CIC/IIC Insio 3PX
    • RIC Cellion 2PX
    • RIC Pure 2PX
    • BTE Motion SA 2PX
    • BTE Motion P 2PX
    • BTE Motion SP 2PX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 2PX
    • CIC/IIC Insio 2PX
    • Click CIC Silk 2PX
    • RIC Pure 1PX
    • BTE Motion SA 1PX
    • BTE Motion P 1PX
    • BTE Motion SP 1PX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 1PX
    • CIC/IIC Insio 1PX
    • CIC Silk 1PX Click
  • Intuis 3 Series
    • BTE Intuis 3 S
    • BTE Intuis 3 M
    • BTE Intuis 3 P
    • Click ITC Intuis 3
    • Click CIC Intuis 3
    • ITE/ITC Custom Intuis 3
    • CIC/IIC Custom Intuis 3
  • RIC Orion 2 312
  • Prompt Series
    • BTE Prompt S
    • BTE Prompt P
    • BTE Prompt SP
    • ITC Prompt Click
    • CIC Prompt Click
    • ITE/ITC Custom Prompt
    • CIC Custom Prompt

Ananya, Audiologist at Aanvii Hearing Solution

About the Author

Ananya Ajay is an Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist, she works at AANVI HEARING SOLUTIONS. She is extremely passionate in providing exceptional care, warmth & devising treatment for patients with hearing loss through all walks of life.

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Hearing Aid, Hearing Aid Features

Signia Hearing Aid Feature – HD Music

Mrs. Joshi, 60 years old retired lady is a huge fan of Indian Classical Music and listens to music every day. She has also learnt music and plays harmonium. Her day begins with listening to old songs on the Radio and her day doesn’t end until she hears some soothing Indian Classical music through her CD player. Off late, she has started noticing that she finds it difficult to understand words in songs and music doesn’t sound as good as before. She has been increasing the volume of the radio and music player; however she still feels she misses on some part of it. She also fails to enjoy interactions with her family and friends, but she is saddened by the fact that music doesn’t sound the same.

Image of CD Player
Image Credit – Pixabay

On consulting an Audiologist at Aanvii Hearing Solutions, she was found to have Moderate Hearing Loss in both the ears. Audiologist took her listening needs into consideration before prescribing hearing aids. She was advised using Hearing aids in both the ears to improve speech intelligibility in day to day routines. She presented with a concern that music should sound well to her through her hearing aids.

Audiologist then suggested her RIC Signia Styletto 7 Hearing aids with HD Music feature which helps in listening to music in HD (High Definition). The ears which are tuned to music need hearing aids with better technology to mimic natural hearing experience for clients. Earlier, hearing aids were solely fitted to improve speech understanding. However, with the advent of technology, modern hearing aids provide special features to match user’s needs in order to improve overall satisfaction while using the hearing aids. HD music is a special feature in Signia Styletto 7 hearing aids which helps in Best Music quality through hearing aids. The musical instruments also sound natural and fuller in music program so that the user can enjoy music.

Difference between Speech and Music perception.

Speech perception and music perception is different as music is spread at more extended pitches (frequencies) as compared to speech. Most hearing aids can process input signals from 100Hz to 8200 Hz. Hearing aids that have HD music program have extended input dynamic range up to 12KHz which is much higher than basic hearing aids.

Graph of Speech and Music Perception

HD Music program will provide with following.

  • 3 musical settings- live, recorded music and concerts.
  • Extended dynamic input range up to 12KHz.
  • High definition music effects.
  • Fuller and richer sounding music experience.
  • Direct audio streaming of music from apple devices (the music played in I Phone will be played wireless in hearing aids through Bluetooth) or through android devices with the help of streamer.

Let us have a look at how HD music feature programs can help Mrs Joshi.

Old Gramaphone

Recorded Music Preset.

When Mrs Joshi listens to music from her music player or Radio, this feature helps her enjoy the recorded music. She can now sit back and relax while listening to her favorite melodies.

Image of a Women Singing

Live Music Preset.

This feature helps when she attends some music program Live.  She listens to her favorite singers and harmonium players live and enjoy the music program.

Image of a Guitar Player

Musician Preset.

This feature helps when she sings or plays harmonium herself. She loves to present her art in front of her relatives and friends and is often asked to sing and play during their meet-ups. She can now enjoy singing and playing instrument with this program. Singers or performers can use this setting when performing in a concert.

Image of a Styletto Hearing Aid Fitted on a Woman

On fitting Signia Styletto 7 hearing aids with HD music feature on Mrs. Joshi, not only she has begun enjoying conversations and watching TV, but she is very satisfied with the performance that hearing aids give for music. She cannot imagine her life without music. She did not let her hearing loss come in the way of her passion for music. Even you can benefit with the hearing aids compatible for better music listening experience.

Signia Hearing Aids with HD Music Feature

  • Signia NX Technology
    • 7 NX (With 3 Presets – Recorded Music, Live Music and Musician Preset)
      • RIC Styletto 7
      • BTE Motion Charge & Go 7 NX
      • RIC Pure Charge & Go 7 NX
      • RIC Pure 13 7 NX
      • RIC Pure 312 7 NX
      • BTE Motion 13 7 NX
      • BTE Motion 13 P 7 NX
      • CIC / IIC Insio 7 NX
      • ITE / ITC Insio 7 NX
    • 5 NX (With 1 Preset – Recorded Music)
      • RIC Styletto 5
      • BTE Motion Charge & Go 5 NX
      • RIC Pure Charge & Go 5 NX
      • RIC Pure 13 5 NX
      • RIC Pure 312 5 NX
      • BTE Motion 13 5 NX
      • BTE Motion 13 P 5 NX
      • CIC / IIC Insio 5 NX
      • ITE / ITC Insio 5 NX
  • Signia Primax Technology
    • 7 PX (With 3 Presets – Recorded Music, Live Music and Musician Preset)
      • BTE Motion SP 7 PX
      • ITE / ITC Insio 7 PX
      • CIC / IIC Insio 7 PX
    • 5 PX (With 1 Preset – Recorded Music)
      • BTE Motion SP 5 PX
      • ITE / ITC Insio 5 PX
      • CIC / IIC Insio 5 PX
    • 3 PX (With 1 Preset – Recorded Music)
      • RIC Pure 3 PX
      • BTE Motion SP 3 PX
      • ITE / ITC Insio 3 PX
      • CIC / IIC Insio 3 PX

Contact your nearest Aanvii Hearing Clinic to get a demo of HD music enabled Hearing aids.

Don’t let hearing loss come in the way of your Love for Music.

Mrs. Madhura Vaidya Gokhale, Sr. Audiologist and Speech Pathologist at Aanvii Hearing Solutions, Pune

About The Author

Madhura Vaidya Gokhale is an Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist who holds a Masters degree in the field of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology(M.A.S.L.P). She works at Aanvii Hearing Inc, Pune and is passionate about helping people hear better and speak better.