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5 reasons to update your hearing aids

As powerful and sophisticated as hearing aids are these days, they do have a wear life. If you currently wear hearing aids, even if you take the utmost care of them, the continuous daily exposure to moisture, body heat, and earwax can gradually damage hearing aids over time. Below are five reasons why consulting with an audiologist can help you determine if your hearing aids need servicing or if they should be replaced.

1. Your hearing profile has changed.

When was the last time you had a thorough hearing assessment? Hearing sensitivity can change over time. It is important to have your hearing levels checked regularly. If you currently have hearing aids, having regular hearing tests at least once every one to two years is especially important. Hearing aids have no idea if your hearing levels have changed – they will just do what they were previously set to do! If you find you are asking people to repeat themselves more often, or if voices sound mumbled and unclear, and your hearing aids are mechanically functioning properly, then it is time for another hearing assessment!

Hearing aids are fit to specific prescription criteria. Hearing changes can be gradual and unnoticeable. It might be that your hearing aids simply require a stronger speaker or a different type of earpiece to maximize your hearing. Sometimes hearing changes, and the age of your current hearing aids, are enough to consider new hearing aids to better fit the needs of your auditory system and lifestyle.

2. Firmware updates.

Did you know that most hearing aids can be updated internally to fix small bugs in the circuitry and improve performance? Similar to computers, hearing aid firmware can be updated in your hearing care professional’s office. In the past, hearing aids had to be returned to the manufacturer to perform such updates. These updates generally fix minor issues such as feedback control and wireless connectivity problems. If your hearing aids have not been checked within the past two years or more, it might be a good idea to visit your hearing clinic and check to see if any updates are available.

3. Your lifestyle has changed.

Have you moved into a new residence? Have you joined a class or group? Are you around different voices or in new environments? Did you get season’s tickets to IPL for the first time? When your surroundings change, your acoustic environments change. When the people around you are new to you, their voices can be challenging to hear and understand. What you needed from your hearing aids in the past might not match what you need from your hearing aids now. It is important to know the capabilities – and limitations – of your hearing aids and to learn if they can be modified to better suit your listening needs and lifestyle now.

4. Your hearing aids are more than five years old.

Did you know most hearing aid manufacturers generally cannot, or will not, repair hearing aids that are over five to seven years old? The technology in hearing aids changes quickly. Over time, parts used to repair older hearing aids become obsolete and are no longer made. Generally, most hearing aid manufacturers will not repair hearing aids that are more than seven years old, and they may not warranty repair work on aids over five years old, depending on the parts and labor required.

5. You want improved technology.

Do you like to keep up with the latest advancements in technology? Hearing aid technology has seen some remarkable changes over the past two decades – from the first digital hearing aid in 1996 to hearing aids today that wirelessly exchange information with each other, cell phones, wireless accessories, and the internet. The technology changes quickly! Rechargeable hearing aid battery options are now available from every major hearing aid manufacturer. Speech enhancement and noise reduction features continue to improve. Processing power and speed are rising. Battery life has generally held steady despite all the new advancements demanding more power to work. Designs and styles are sleeker and slimmer. Premium quality materials – like white gold plated battery doors for rechargeable systems and titanium custom earpieces – are increasingly being integrated into hearing aid design to improve performance and wearer comfort. Spring and fall are generally the best times to check out what is new!

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Measles cases triple globally, Africa worst affected

Reported cases of measles worldwide have tripled in the last year, putting children under severe risk, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday.

In the first four months of this year, 112,163 measles cases were reported. In comparison last year, during the same period 28,124 cases were reported.

Sustained outbreaks have been reported from all regions of the world, with many countries confirming spiraling cases of measles. But poor regions remain worst affected, African countries witnessed the most dramatic rise of nearly 700 percent, the data released by the UN agency said. 

The European region is witnessing a 300 percent, the Eastern Mediterranean 100 percent, Americas 60 percent, and Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific 40 percent rise in measles cases.

“While this data is provisional and not yet complete, it indicates a clear trend,” WHO said. Officials pointed out, less than one in ten cases are reported globally, with variations by region.   

“The actual numbers of cases – captured in global estimates – will also be considerably higher than those reported,” the report said. 

Current outbreaks happened in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sudan, Thailand, and Ukraine, causing many deaths – mostly among young children.

But the sudden rise in cases also occurred in countries with high vaccination coverage, including the U.S., Israel, Thailand, and Tunisia. In these countries, the disease has spread fast among clusters of unvaccinated people.

“Even in high-income countries, complications result in hospitalization in up to a quarter of cases, and can lead to lifelong disability, from brain damage and blindness to hearing loss,” it warned. 

In 2017, the most recent year for which estimates are available, it caused close to 110,000 deaths. Health experts blame the anti-vaccine movement, poverty, and weak policies for the sudden rise in measles cases. 

While social media platforms like Facebook assured action against anti-vaccine posts, governments are being urged to include the second dose of measles, mumps, and Rubella (MMR) during immunization drives.  

Coverage of the second vaccine dose needs to increase globally, to maximize a population’s protection against the disease. 

“Today, 25 countries still need to make the second dose part of their essential immunization program,” the WHO statement added.

Reviews - the Aanvii Hearing Experience

Mr. R. Lakshmi Narayana – The Aanvii Hearing Experience

Hearing Aid Selection: (Case History)

Ms Gowri, Audiologist from AANVII hearing Inc, 180, 9th Main, Indira Nagar 1st Stage, Bangalore-560038 was successful in enrolling me to purchase Siemens make ORION 2RIC 312 Model on 08/02/2019. She was very much user friendly and made me realize why it is very important to have a hearing aid. She spent almost 3 hours with me explaining all the possibilities and the best suitable hearing aids for me.

What is so special about it? Why I wanted to share my feedback ( Sequence of Events)


I underwent an operation CSom C Myringo plasty (for Tympanic Membrane) at Basavangudi ENT Care Centre, Bangalore 560004 which was performed by Dr Mahadevaiah for hearing loss.


As I experienced, hearing loss, Audiological Evaluation was made and found the loss was temporarily caused due to T Joint Syndrome.


Received a mail from M/s Amplifone India Pvt Ltd, HAL 2nd Stage, and Bangalore-560008.They had recommended to use Widex Hearing Aids costing per pair as Rs 57000/- .  I was not convinced by the Audiologist impatient explanation and the person was very rude. They were totally money minded.


I visited All India Institute of Speech and hearing. They recommended me to use Otican Ino pro Mini RITTE Power (WL) costing per pair Rs 40,420/- . If I purchase the equipment from Mysuru , commuting  was a problem. Hence, I started exploring the possibilities of calibration facility availability at Bangalore.


Went to Shreyas Hearing Clinic, HAL 2nd Stage, to enquire about the calibration. For a query of Siemens make, they say maintenance issues are more and hence, they do not recommend. Instead, they had recommended Resound make (water resistant). Also, indicated that they will not carry out calibration, if the units are purchased elsewhere. Enya 4 costing Rs 46,500/unit (better for TV & phone) Enya 3 costing Rs 33000/- per unit (better for group conversation). On enquiry from hearing institute of Mysuru, the cost of Enya 4 was 26,250/-per unit and Enya 3 was 19000/- . As there was a huge difference, I felt it is better to purchase from Mysuru Institute. Before that, I wanted to explore the possibility of calibration facility at Bangalore.


Applied for Hearing aid approval through CGHS, based on Mysuru Institute report.


I went to Dr SR Chandrasekhar’s Institute of speech and hearing, Hennuru Road, Lingarajapuram, Bengaluru -560084 to know availability of calibration facilities. They have for Widex, Microtech, Siemens, Phonak, Star key and do not have facility for Resound make. Based on their diagnosis, recommended me to use Widex 100 RIC-m costing Rs 36000/- per unit.


Surfed  Net and heard Dr Clifford R. Olson, Doctor of Audiology. The topic was “ the best hearing aids of 2019” . In the order of merit:

1. Phonak,  2. Resound, 3. Otikan minirite OPN, 4. Phonak virto, 5. Star key livio, 6. Widex evoke, 7.Unitron


Received Permission for Hearing Aid from CGHS. As I am coming home, received a call from Ms.Gowri satish. AANVII Hearing Inc, Indira Nagar 1st stage, Bangalore, to visit their office, for hearing aid. When I came to know that they are exclusively dealing with Siemens make, I turned it down. Anyhow, I wanted to seek the clarification regarding   ITC/CIC/RIC and BTE models (My permission letter indicates). Hence, visited their office just to clarify my doubts ,I was totally not willing to buy siemens product. It has appealing office layout with all the necessary illustrations and ergonomics.

Audiologist Gowri explained me why hearing loss takes place and thoroughly explained the difference between all makes and convinced me that Siemens make is the oldest & best company. She clarified all my doubts and she told the benefits of siemens over other companies. The most interesting part was she didn’t tell any negative points of other hearing aid companies to tell siemens product to be the best, instead she quoted all the benefits which are not there in other companies. This quality I didn’t find in any of the audiologist whom I met before.  Almost 5 years I was searching for proper hearing aid, got many bad experiences but at last Ms Gowri satish helped me to fulfill my needs to the best by dispensing the best suitable hearing aid for me. She was able to answer all my queries and made me to feel very much comfortable. Now I can drive car without any worries, watch TV and all my day to day activities became very easy. She made me feel so positive that I started suggesting all my friends, family members to go and meet her for any hearing issues.

I wanted to profusely thank Ms Gowri for her patience, care and enrolling me to short list Siemens. This choice meets all my requirement. May god bless her with all prosperity and good health. Once again I thank her very much for her help. I wish her all the best of luck.

Mr. R. Lakshmi Narayana

Hearing Aid

Signia Styletto By Ms. Arya Kesavan, Aanvii Hearing Solutions, Bangalore

Nine out of 10 people with mild to moderate hearing loss choose not to wear hearing aids.

Often this is because the look and feel does not match their image of themselves.

Not for much longer: A true game-changer from Signia is on its way!

One that combines all the audiological advantages of the acclaimed Signia Nx platform with a stylishly designed new form factor.

Styletto from Signia is more than just a hearing aid – it’s high-tech hearwear.

Wherever you’re going, Styletto goes with you.

Try it out for Free at all Hearing Aid Clinics by Aanvii Hearing Solutions

Book a Free Trial Today –

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Signia Hearing Aid Feature – Touch Control App for Android and iOS

Dr Shubham Mittal, is a 24 years young aspiring Doctor who has just completed his MBBS and right now working at hospital as well as preparing for his pg exams. He has a mild loss which makes it difficult to hear the complaints of his patients at the hospital. His day begins with his patients and night ends with parties. He will be in different environmental backgrounds. Off late, he is facing problem with changing volume and different programs based on the environment he is being in. At this younger age he feels awkward to every time touch his hearing aids to make necessary changes in the hearing aid manually. He fails to enjoy the company of other doctors at parties which is also affecting his personal life and also professional.

Then he consulted the Audiologist at Aanvii Hearing Solutions, she prescribed him a hearing aid which is compatible with the special feature that is Touch Control App. He is very amused with this app as it’s being very easy to control all the features and volume with just a single tap.

Now let’s see how the Touch Control App is helping Shubham.

Signia Touch Control App

In today’s world where technology and cosmetic appearance are the main concerns of all the people. If a patient with hearing loss tries to make any changes in the hearing aid in front of others it might turn out to be an awkward situation, yet the patient cannot compromise with the quality of hearing either. Hence our Signia products solves all these problems, with an application which has also aid the patients to make necessary changes they wish without having to touch the hearing aid or get into any awkward situation.

As we are meeting more patients who needs advanced touch control app. Signia has come up with an unique app known as touch control app. Touch Control App is the most discreet and convenient handling options right at patients fingertips. It offers the most proven functionality for increased usability and is compatible with almost all the Signia products.

Remote support, audio streaming and remote control are at the tip of patient’s fingers. Most Signia hearing aids are compatible with useful apps for both Android and iOS smartphones. The most used and best of them is the touch control app. This app let your discreetly and conveniently change the hearing programs, volume, bass and treble via their smartphones without any extra hardware.

What is need for Touch Control app?

It is the most discreet and convenient handling options right at your fingertips. The touch control app offers proven functionality for increased usability and compatibility with all Signia products. The spatial configurator function in the touch control app increases usability by allowing wearers to focus on their preferred sound source.

A new additional configurator option via QR code sets all features and program names based on the configured options in Connexx softwarre. This new QR code automatically activates the spatial configurator and battery check options for compatible instruments.

Where is it available?

Touch control app is easily available at Apple app store and also in Google play store. It can be used in almost all of the Signia products.

Google Play and Apple App Store

Our Audiologists at Aanvii Hearing Solution can help you to setup the app and pair it with the Hearing Aid for Ease of Use.

How to download the app?

Make sure you have an Android or iOS smartphone and an account on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Log into your account on the above mentioned store and find the Touch Control App. Follow the instructions until the app is installed on the android or iOS smartphone.

How to pair it with the hearing aid?

Touch control app can be paired both manually and through QR code, QR code is easily generated in Connexx Eight software. The code on the printable single page instruction sheets lets you set up the touch control app in just one step. They just scan the code and program names and features for the touch control app are configured automatically.

Signia Touch Control App Setup

How does it look?

It mainly consists of a main screen which consists of,

  • Display of current program
  • Volume up/ down slider
  • Spatial configurator
  • Mute button
  • Further options
  • When we open the further option we find battery status check and sound balance options
  • When we open the spatial configurator we find the spatial configurator direction which can be set and also the spatial configurator span.

What are the features available?

  1. Volume adjustment – which allows to increase or decrease the volume
  2. Program change – which allows to change the program based on the environment patient is in
  3. Mute option – allows the patient to mute the hearing aid
  4. Sound balance adjustment – helps in balancing sound
  5. Spatial configurator adjustment – patient can select the direction from which he expects better clarity to cut down the background noise
  6. Battery status read out – can check the battery status with the help of beep sounds in terms of 3,2 and 1 beep
  7. Tinnitus volume – can be used to set the volume of the tinnitus program

What is the outcome of Touch Control app?

Do you know the best part: the Touch Control app can be downloaded on the Google play store and Apple App store completely free of charge. It provides an added value for the patients and also for the Audiologists. It is delighting wearers and providing remarkable value which is essential in today’s hearing care market. It’s so simple and for free. It lets you to discreetly and conveniently change their hearing programs, volume, bass and treble via their smartphones – without any extra hardware. It is an easy to read display even gives users with dexterity issues easy access to their hearing instruments.

Which are the Signia products which has this option?

  • Styletto Series
    • Slim RIC Styletto 7
    • Slim RIC Styletto 5
    • Slim RIC Styletto 3
  • NX Series
    • BTE Motion Charge & Go 7NX
    • BTE Motion Charge & Go 5NX
    • BTE Motion Charge & Go 3NX
    • RIC Pure Charge & Go 7NX
    • RIC Pure Charge & Go 5NX
    • RIC Pure Charge & Go 3NX
    • RIC Pure 13 7NX
    • RIC Pure 312 7NX
    • BTE Motion 13 7NX
    • BTE Motion 13 P 7NX
    • CIC/IIC Insio 7NX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 7NX
    • RIC Pure 13 5NX
    • RIC Pure 312 5NX
    • BTE Motion 13 5NX
    • BTE Motion 13 P 5NX
    • CIC/ITC Insio 5NX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 5NX
    • RIC Pure 13 3NX
    • RIC Pure 312 3NX
    • BTE Motion 13 3NX
    • BTE Motion 13 P 3NX
    • CIC/IIC Insio 3NX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 3NX
  • Primax Series
    • BTE Motin SP 7PX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 7PX
    • CIC/IIC Insio 7PX
    • BTE Motion SP 5PX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 5PX
    • CIC/IIC Insio 5PX
    • RIC Pure 3PX
    • BTE Motion SP 3PX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 3PX
    • CIC/IIC Insio 3PX
    • RIC Cellion 2PX
    • RIC Pure 2PX
    • BTE Motion SA 2PX
    • BTE Motion P 2PX
    • BTE Motion SP 2PX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 2PX
    • CIC/IIC Insio 2PX
    • Click CIC Silk 2PX
    • RIC Pure 1PX
    • BTE Motion SA 1PX
    • BTE Motion P 1PX
    • BTE Motion SP 1PX
    • ITE/ITC Insio 1PX
    • CIC/IIC Insio 1PX
    • CIC Silk 1PX Click
  • Intuis 3 Series
    • BTE Intuis 3 S
    • BTE Intuis 3 M
    • BTE Intuis 3 P
    • Click ITC Intuis 3
    • Click CIC Intuis 3
    • ITE/ITC Custom Intuis 3
    • CIC/IIC Custom Intuis 3
  • RIC Orion 2 312
  • Prompt Series
    • BTE Prompt S
    • BTE Prompt P
    • BTE Prompt SP
    • ITC Prompt Click
    • CIC Prompt Click
    • ITE/ITC Custom Prompt
    • CIC Custom Prompt

Ananya, Audiologist at Aanvii Hearing Solution

About the Author

Ananya Ajay is an Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist, she works at AANVI HEARING SOLUTIONS. She is extremely passionate in providing exceptional care, warmth & devising treatment for patients with hearing loss through all walks of life.