At Aanvii Hearing Solutions, we are passionate about delivering the best hearing experience possible — throughout our service centers.

Aanvii Hearing Solutions started its journey in 2014, when our founder, Mr. Vishal Shah in search of a good hearing care center in Bangalore for his father treatment. He visited several clinics in and around Bangalore, but returned unsatisfied from everywhere. Then one of his friend suggested visiting a BSC where he got accurate counselling and the right solution for his father’s hearing problem. This idea came to his mind and started thinking about people suffering. He came with of idea of providing quality hearing services to the people looking for Hearing Services. After few Years, it grew to become the single largest chain of best sound centers in India.

Aanvii Hearing Solutions was founded in Feb, 2014 with its first sound center at Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore. And in less than 5 years, has successfully running 40 hearing centers in major metro cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Pune to name few.

AHS staffs are highly qualified and an experienced audiologist who are expert, which together brings decades of clinical experience and is able to use in assisting patients for selection of suitable hearing aids exclusively from Sivantos Pte. Ltd.

Our hearing experts understand every ear has a unique hearing need and request from the patient. Thus they listen, carefully, to every patient’s hearing related issues and with their immense experience come up with the best possible hearing solution, and with exceptional customer service.