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Pure Tone Audiometry(PTA)

A key hearing test used to identify hearing threshold levels of an individual, determine if there is a hearing loss, where it occurs and its type of classification.


We measure how well the eardrum is vibrating when sound strikes besides the functioning of the tiny bones of the ear in transmitting those vibrations to the ear.

Hearing Aid prescription

After evaluation, a hearing aid suitable to your hearing needs is prescribed based on the type of your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Trial

Not all hearing aids function or feel the same. That’s why we offer you a risk-free trial that allows you to try our products before you buy them.

Hearing Aid Sales & Service

With high-quality products that come with great service, we provide excellent, affordable hearing aids for seniors and other people who are hard of hearing.

Speech Therapy

Get superior speech therapy services, from our experience audiologists.

Hearing Aid Repair & Service

Apart from providing hearing aids accessories, we do take care of hearing aids repair and servicing. All after sales services are available at AANVII.

Hearing Aid Spares

If you need anything for your hearing aids, you'll find it here. All spare parts for the Aid are available here at an affordable price.


We make sure that our customers can have the best suited battery so as to provide uninterrupted services.

Visit Aanvii Hearing To Get Reliable Services

Get assured about the right services and modern technologies being used in your hearing aids as you visit us. We provide various types of services that includes consultation , hearing aid sales and repair , hearing aid spares , speech therapy and so on.

With the help of us , you can be well-assured of the large number of quality services and solutions that assist the individuals to hear to every single soft, high and low pitch sounds without facing any kind of trouble or problem.

Hearing AID

Hearing Aid

A hearing aid is a device designed to improve hearing. The purpose of a hearing aid is to make sounds louder so the person can hear spoken words and other sounds. No two individuals' listening to necessities or inclinations for treatment are the same. Luckily, the times of just having huge, cumbersome looking, beige portable hearing assistants to browse are over. Today's models are small, cutting edge wonders so shockingly in vogue that it's impeccably alright on the off chance that somebody gets an impression.

There are many different types of hearing aids. Depending on your lifestyle as well as how much help you need to hear, you will use different hearing aids. An audiologist can help make hearing aids even better suited to you by customising them depending on what you need.

Hearing with two ears, also called binaural hearing, has distinct advantages such as improved speech understanding in noise, better speech recognition and sound localisation1.

Binaural redundancy
When you hear a sound in both ears, it’s like hearing the same sound twice. This helps your brain create a better perceptual image of the sound.

Your needs. Your preferences. Our solutions.
We offer an extensive variety of portable hearing assistants and embellishments that understand basically any listening to require, while meeting your solace and style inclinations. Our portable amplifiers are modified to address singular listening to misfortune. You’re listening to care proficient will help you pick the arrangement that is best for you. Be that as it may, before you make your arrangement, we propose you find out about the greater part of our listening to items. Along these lines, you can go into your discussion with an unmistakable comprehension of your alternatives and inclinations.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can occur at any age and for many reasons. Many people associate Hearing Loss with ageing, and although ageing is by far the most common cause, there are many other causes of hearing impairment. Hearing Loss may be congenital and becaused by factors such as illness during pregnancy and complication during birth. For there types of Hearing Loss, Hearing aids may often be a help

Other types of Hearing Loss are hereditary and genetically determined. There types may progress gradually and require more powerful hearing aids.

Age-induced Hearing Loss
Age-induced Hearing Loss is the most common form of Hearing impairment. It is caused by the gradual. Degeneration of hair cells in the inner ear, which is a common part of the ageing process.

Hearing Loss

Acoustic trauma
A very loud, brief sound, such as an explosion or a gunshot, can cause Hearing Loss. Long – term exposure to noise or loud sound can lead to permanent Hearing Loss.

Being able to hear well again has many positive effects. Studies show that the large majority of hearing aid wearers are very or extremely satisfied with their hearing aids. There are a number of different hearing aid styles; the main difference being whether they sit on or in the ear. Different styles are suitable for different degrees of loss and your Audiologist will recommend the most suitable aid for your hearing loss.

Types of Hearing loss
There are various types of Hearing Loss, but generally it depends on the site of lesion. There are two main categories

Conductive Hearing Loss
If the lesion is localized to the ear canal or the middle ear, The Hearing Loss is conductive.

Sensorneural Hearing Loss
If, hearing loss is caused by problems with the neural fibers or sensory cells in the cochlea, it is a sensorineural Hearing Loss.

Don’t ignore hearing loss.
Hearing loss interferes with your life in many ways you might not realize. Visit us to get reliable services.



In case you hear a chafing clatter that never seems to abandon, it can occupy, set you off, and augment stress and anxiety. Since nobody however you can hear it, you may feel like no one fathoms what you're encountering. In any case, this ponder is honest to goodness. It's called tinnitus and it's a more ordinary condition than you may might speculate.

The condition affects different people in different ways. For some, it could sound like persistent buzzing or hissing, and for others a high-pitched ringing or whistling. It can vary drastically in pitch, and is either a constant nuisance or an infrequent annoyance. Some sufferers say it feels like a persistent thumping that matches the rhythm of their heartbeat.

Tinnitus sounds distinctive to everybody. It can be high or low, uproarious or calm, ever-present or occasional. Furthermore, it has numerous conceivable triggers, for example, harm to the ear or jaw issues.

Many people with tinnitus feel that it reduces their quality of life. And in many cases tinnitus is accompanied by hearing loss. For some, tinnitus goes away on its own. For others, it's permanent and you have to find ways to live with its effects.

Since every individual sees tinnitus so in an unexpected way, it's essential to look for expert discover the game-plan that is best for you to choose best hearing aid.

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