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Pure Tone Audiometry(PTA)

A key hearing test used to identify hearing threshold levels of an individual, determine if there is a hearing loss, where it occurs and its type of classification.


We measure how well the eardrum is vibrating when sound strikes besides the functioning of the tiny bones of the ear in transmitting those vibrations to the ear.

Hearing Aid prescription

After evaluation, a hearing aid suitable to your hearing needs is prescribed based on the type of your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Trial

Not all hearing aids function or feel the same. That’s why we offer you a risk-free trial that allows you to try our products before you buy them.

Hearing Aid Sales & Service

With high-quality products that come with great service, we provide excellent, affordable hearing aids for seniors and other people who are hard of hearing.

Speech Therapy

Get superior speech therapy services, from our experience audiologists.

Hearing Aid Repair & Service

Apart from providing hearing aids accessories, we do take care of hearing aids repair and servicing. All after sales services are available at AANVII.

Hearing Aid Spares

If you need anything for your hearing aids, you'll find it here. All spare parts for the Aid are available here at an affordable price.


We make sure that our customers can have the best suited battery so as to provide uninterrupted services.

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AANVII Hearing Solutions is Open since 2014 & a specialized centre for people with Hearing disorders.


We offer excellent personalized hearing care with individual listening goals and communication strategies.

Hearing Aids

The purpose of a hearing aid is to make sounds louder so the person can hear spoken words…

Hearing Loss

Hearing is a vital piece of regular daily existence, yet a great many people.


Tinnitus is a term for the perception of sound in ears when no external sound can be detected.

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